Friend№1 of West or Moldova`s Spy?

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The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc starts to be seen by the West as part of the solution, not the problem.


The statement belongs to President of the European Parliament Delegation for the Republic of Moldova, the Romanian MEP Andi Cristea, member of the European Socialists and Democrats group.

“The schedule of the meeting that Plahotniuc had at Washington was one of substance. You cannot see often messages like the one sent by Victoria Nuland: Continue in this way and we will support you.

It is clear that through the power he has, Plahotniuc can generate transformations by reforms. He controls the Parliamentary majority. At analysis level, I think he is perceived as rather the part of the solution than a part of the problem. At some point, he said that the problem of Moldova is that the evil is black, but that the angels are not white. There is some truth behind that”, stated Cristea.


The MEP thinks that Brussels will accept Vladimir Plahotniuc as interlocutor, because the European Union wants peace at the Eastern border.

Cristea also believes that there are pressures inside the European Union to relax or even lift the sanctions on Russia, as the interest for Eastern neighborhood is decreasing.




  1. For a country that gets 25% of GDP from remittance from Russia and probably another 30% from trade with Russia wanting to join the EU which would never let it in (what chance does Turkey have?) is mind boggling.

    It is not rewarding nor polite to bite the hand that feed you.

  2. So is the assumption now, that the EU will start buying Moldovan Wine?

    If Moldova was to hypothetically join the EU, under EU economic rationalism, best case scenario for Moldova would be German producers buying up Moldovan vineyards, employee locals to then export to the rest of Europe. Moldovans can then enjoy their own ‘fruits of labour’ at market rate. Like everyone else.

  3. EU and the USA have discovered a new country to split and destroy. Ukraine was not enough (if anyone wants a proof that the EU WAS involved in the crisis, here ts is: events in Moldova follow the same script). The Euro imperialists are a curse on the world. Nothing is too expensive when it comes to poor people’s blood and humiliate Russia.

  4. And now we have a new model for EU expansion under which various former Soviet countries look set to be consigned to a lowly status on a permanent basis. They are effectively regarded by the EU as members of a «servant class». Like Ukraine, Moldova will probably find that its Euro aspirations can never achieve more than an association agreement which will keep the country firmly «below stairs».

  5. It is not very honest to build up the hopes of Moldova too much because the richest countries in Europe, like the UK and Germany, are absolutely unwilling to allow Moldava full EU membership now or at any time in the foreseeable future.

  6. Pro-Russia, versus pro-Europe. Is not 1/3 of Russia in Europe? What are the Russians if not Europeans? Are the Asian? Is all Russian science, literature, music. ballet, religion etc etc non-European? Is it Asian? When you divide pro-European v pro-Russian, do you mean to say for example pro-Bulgarian too? What a lazy clichéd thinking. Them pro-Russians/pro-barbarians, against us, the clever, cultured, non-corrupt, non mafia (Italy), non bankers and accountants (UK), non tax havens (Channel Island, Luxembourg etc etc.

  7. I had the pleasure of visiting Moldova last year when Russia imposed the limits on importing Moldova’s products, potentially a huge blow their wine industry. (I did my best to support the local vineyards — the stuff is delicious!) Most people, including myself, resort to google maps to figure out where Moldova is, but I believe it’s on the brink of becoming a sought after destination — and joining the EU could really help boost their tourism

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