Irina Vlah. Pros and Contras

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Mrs. Irina Vlah who won the elections recently held in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (Moldova), took up her function in a swearing-in ceremony held in Komrat on April 15th, 2015.

The ceremony which took place in the central square of the city gathered the Prime Minister of Moldova Krill Gaburoviç, the Chairman of the  Parliament Adrian Candu, and the Metropolitan of Moldova Vladimir Kantaryan along with high-level officials from foreign representations.

The ceremony started with the national anthems of Moldova and Gagauzia and went on with the announcement of the decision of the Electoral Board and the Court of Appeal on the election.  The  Chairman of the Local Parliament of the Gagauz People Dimitriy Konstantinov who took the floor at the ceremony stressed the fact that elections were held in line with related principles and regulations stipulated in the  constitution. Mr. Konstantinov, who handed over a book containing the constitution of Gagauzia to  the new Chairwoman Irina Vlah said: «Please remain faithful to these laws and regulations.»

The newly elected Chairwoman Irina Vlah said: «Our goal is to safeguard peace and economic growth in the region and to improve our cooperation with Moldova.» Mrs. Vlah then took her certificate of election and swore an oath of allegiance.

The Prime Minister Gaburovich who also took the floor at the ceremony said that  the aim is to achieve higher living standards through the growth of the agricultural sector and the preservation of local cultures. Gaburovich added: «We may belong to different nations but our common reference is the Republic of Moldova, and I believe that if everyone gives his/her best, we will all live a better life» and stressed the importance of unity and solidarity.

The Metropolitan of Moldova Vladimir Kantaryan who also said a few words on the occasion of the Easter Celebrations greeted the people saying:  ‘Jesus resuscitated. Jesus really resuscitated’. The Metropolitan of Moldova who added that the Gagauz people are a Christian people which respects Allah and live according to Allah’s commendments, offered the ‘Nadejda’ icon of hope along with a bible to  Mrs. Irina Vlah.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Chisinau H.E. Mehmet Selim Kartal  who was also present at the ceremony complimented the former Governor  Mihail Formuzal and congratulated the new Chairman Irina Vlah wishing her success in bringing about peace among the people of the region: «Turkey will further  support the preservation of the status of Gagauzia as an autonomous territorial unit along with the preservation of the territorial unity of Moldova with a view to increasing prosperity and safeguarding peace among the people of  Moldova and Gagauzia.»

While the Speaker  of the Parliament of Moldova Adrian Candu expressed his commitment to taking further steps towards EU membership, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Ferid Muhammedshin said that bilateral relations will be further developed in the field of economy.

The former Governor of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (Moldova) Mihail Formuzal also took the floor to congratulate Mrs. Irina Vlah and wish her success. The ceremony went on with a concert featuring folk dances and songs.

The ceremony and concert were followed by a reception during which Mr. Sancar MULAZIMOGLU, the Head of Department of the International Organization of Turkic Culture, congratulated Mrs. Irina VLAH for her electoral victory and extended a souvenir of TURKSOY to her on this occasion.

Gagauzia has maintained a strong relationship with Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. Though the region has three official languages – Gagauz, Romanian, and Russian – Russian is most widely spoken, while proficiency in Romanian is low. Most schools teach in Russian, and about 10 percent of students fail their exams in Romanian language and literature. At the same time, on the basis of shared ethnic and linguistic ties, Turkey has also sought to gain influence, including through significant investments.

Thus most analysts believe the chances of armed conflict are low. Moreover, as a relatively small percentage of the Moldovan population and territory, Gagauzia does not have the political and economic power to shape Moldova’s European policy. With an eye toward the Transnistrian example of international isolation and dependence on Russia, the Gagauz elites are not inclined to seek independence. Yet if Moldova wants to integrate more closely with Europe, it will need to address the concerns and demands of the Gagauz population.

The region can certainly play a spoiler role for Moldova’s EU harmonization, including by using the threat of separatism, plus political support from Moscow, as a bargaining chip to extract concessions from Chisinau. Russia dominates the media landscape in Gagauzia, and as a result, there is both a lack of knowledge about the EU, as well as rampant misinformation about Moldova’s European integration. Thus the population is unlikely to back Chisinau’s Western aspirations.

So far Vlah seems to be dealing pretty well with the new elected president of  Moldova



  1. Finally, now, after clear signals that Governor Irina Vlah wants normal relations with Chisinau, the intrigue moves to Comrat. Will Irina Vlah be able to establish normal relations with local influential circles in the People’s Assembly, represented by such politicians as Ivan Burgudji or Nicolai Dudoglo, when they believe her victory was undeserved but still acceptable due to the involvement of the Russian factor? The governor’s relations with the People’s Assembly are very important for the good functioning of the politico-administrative machine in Gagauzia, and the majority of the People’s Assembly was or still is affiliated to one of the leaders of the PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, who is, according to Irina Vlah, “the biggest problem of the Republic of Moldova”. Or maybe we should also expect a manifestation of pragmatisms from Governor Irina Vlah in her relations with those who know how to solve the problems that they themselves create?

  2. General promises serve as a benchmark to which all other specific promises shall relate. They refer to the following:

    Development of Gagauzia within the Republic of Moldova, but together with Russia in the Customs Union (CU) and Eurasian Economic Union (EEU);
    Creation of the Consultative Council under the governor, composed of the first president and chairman of the Supreme Council of the Gagauz Republic (1990–1995) and previous governors and chairmen of the People’s Assembly;
    Protection and development of the Gagauz language, culture and traditions.

  3. xIt was a serious failure to have no electoral debates, in which electoral contestants and journalists could formulate specific questions for candidates. However, given Irina Vlah’s intention to maintain continuity in the government of the Gagauz region, one may assume that the status of special law for the law on the status of Gagauzia aims at the use of the principle of priority of special rules over general rules

  4. Russia’s goodwill is truly of great use for migrant workers from Gagauzia in the Russian Federation. However, it is unclear how the branches of some Russian public institutions could be opened on the territory of the Republic of Moldova outside diplomatic missions, so it will be interesting to see how a branch of the Russian Migration Service could be opened in Comrat. The same refers to the supply of Russian gas to Gagauzia by avoiding the “Moldovagaz” company.

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