Moldova. Anti-oligarchic front splitting

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Vladimir Socor, the political analyst from the Jamestown Foundation, declared that the anti-oligarchic parties of Moldova have to consolidate as quickly as possible their forces and designate a common candidate for the electoral race. The declarations were made at the talk show “Cabinetul din Umbră” from the Jurnal TV.

According to the expert, the anti-oligarchic front has to form an electoral team.

It is late, but it is not too late, because it is still possible to form a team for common electoral campaign of the DA Platform Party, Party Action and Solidarity (PAS) and the healthy core from the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM). 

 It is still possible to form a common financial fund among these three parties and it is still possible to form a group of experts that will offer, from the name of these parties, concrete solutions to concrete problems, and not only negative rhetoric, but also positive rhetoric that could convince the citizens. I have made these recommendations earlier as well. It is still not too late”, declared Vladimir Socor.

At the same time, the political analyst considers that the anti-oligarchic forces’ unification is very important, and the common candidate’s designation is a necessity: “Such a synergy, such a unification of forces could be more important than the designation of a common candidate. However, the designation of a common candidate is absolutely necessary, it could be too late after a week or two. And the party or the political leader that refuses to participate at the designation of a common candidate on common criteria, will hold the historical responsibility for the anti-oligarchic front splitting”.

“I saw in the recent interviews of mister Andrei Năstase that he accepted the recommendations which I mentioned. Mister Năstase accepted them publicly. Maia Sandu rejected such unification. Sandu invoked two reasons. Trust is gained over time, Maia Sandu says, but we do not have time, we are in the eve of elections.

Trust is achieved over time” means, in practice, the unification refusal. Also, Maia Sandu objected that mister Andrei Năstase allegedly has negative attitude to women – it is a completely irrational, unfounded conclusion. The forces’ unification would be, in fact, in the PAS interest, because the DA Platform, even if it has poor resources, has, however, resources bigger than the PAS, that has a larger network of activists on the territory of the country. The PAS is a kind of non-governmental organization, a kind of NGO, formed on the individual personality of Maia Sandu”, added the Jamestown Foundation analyst

“The holding of Plahotniuc’s television channels continue to attack unilaterally Andrei Năstase and DA Platform while the same holding seems to spare Maia Sandu. I cannot believe that Maia Sandu counts on these attacks in order to outrun Andrei Năstase and the DA Platform in polls. The step made by the PLDM, supporting a candidate and not those two, is immature. The PLDM is the smallest party and has less chances, it does not have a candidate in the race. That is why I think that the PLDM should play a role of mediator and consolidator before the adoption of an unilateral position”, pointed the political commentator.


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1.Молдова не хочет, чтоб ее любили молдовцы? Она ждет любовников со стороны?


Я не верю в сказку о стратегическом значении Молдовы

Transnistria. Is there any alternative news-original.

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  1. The Premier and the President of the Parliament are also PD representatives, the last one being the godson of the PD First Vice President, Vladimir Plahotniuc.

  2. In this context, Plahotniuc’s men start, with a severe handicap, the race for presidential elections, even if the oligarch has removed on the forefront Marian Lupu. On what will Lupu base in the electoral confrontation with Dodon, if the PDM government is a fail? The answer to this question is not difficult

  3. The situation has worsened with the conflict in neighboring Ukraine and the signature of the EU-Moldova association agreement of 14, which includes the free trade area. Russia’s penalty for this step of the so-called ‘pro-EU’ government was a ban first on wine and then on Moldovan fruit imports.

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