Remarks ahead of G20 summit

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YOUTUBE 2017   Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Paolo Gentiloni, Jean-Claude Juncke. G20 summit. June 29, 2017

Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Paolo Gentiloni, Jean-Claude Juncke. Donald Tusk. European leaders remarks ahead of G20 summit. June 29, 2017.

G-20 summit. Merkel and Trump. Hamburg. Angela Merkel President Trump G20. G20 summit 2017


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  1. For the first time in six years, the IMF had upgraded its growth forecast slightly in its World Economic Outlook. This provided a fig leaf for the assembled delegates to declare that progress was being made. The reality is that this was only one part of the IMF message. The arguably more important part was that medium-term prospects remained inadequate to address the concerns over employment, inequality and fiscal deficits. Risks had increased and were heavily weighted to the downside. Co-ordinated policy action by the G20 and others was needed to improve this outlook.

  2. G20 nations taking stock of the third global food price surge in four years will wait for September’s crop report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture before deciding whether to take joint action on the issue, France’s farm minister said Tuesday.

  3. Other European leaders share that opinion, including France’s new president, Macron, who proved many political experts wrong when he won the election and secured a solid majority in parliament.

  4. Unless things change quickly, it appears our role will be to play second fiddle to China. China is already courting many countries in the wake of the Trumpster’s diplomatic foibles.

    Now that the EU can no longer depend on us, it will have no choice but to forge relationships elsewhere. China is quickly stepping into the void left by the U.S. with regards to trade, climate and environmental technology, and manufacturing. Hell, even the Trump family manufactures many of the products they peddle in China!

    We may get that stupid wall, we may get EU countries to toss a few more Euros into the NATO pot, and we may keep the climate-change deniers happy, but the price could be the forfeiture of our role as global leader.

    Seriously pumpkins….do ya still think this was worth it?

  5. While you are there ask macron if we can change our mind on the subs, the decision was a mistake and its in the interest of all if we cut our losses now. Mayber see an agent about sub leasing out the Australian Future Submarine office at the same time. Oh and when your with the Queen remember its impolite to stay too long if you have nothing to say.

  6. They should read the constitution. Which makes it crystal clear that only the king or queen of the United Kingdom can reign over Australia.

    So call her what you want. She must be foreign. She can only be foreign. The constitution says so.

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