Trump will get power to text all Americans

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Trump will get power to text all Americans

Trump will get power to text all Americans

GEOMETR.IT 01.12.2016

President-elect Donald Trump will have access to a system that can send unblockable texts to every phone in the US once he takes the oath of office.

Wireless Emergency Alerts are a program created by a 2006 act of Congress. The so-called «WEAs» can be targeted messages sent to all mobile phones in a particular area, like Amber alerts, or to all phones nationally, like an alert issued by the president, according to a report by New York Magazine’s Select/All blog.

Trump is known for off-the-cuff messages on social media, especially Twitter. Tweets and other social missives lent Trump a direct mouthpiece to his supporters, bolstering his campaign and circumventing traditional media that he sometimes claimed was treating him unfairly. But tweets have landed Trump in hot water, too. Critics claim his informal tweeting is unpresidential, pointing to such behavior as an early-morning rant lashing out at a former beauty-pangeant winner, retweets with media linked to white supremecists and messages that promote unsubstantiated news, among others.

Trump’s office didn’t immediately return a request seeking comment.



  1. Liebig

    i pretty much detest trump, but reading this article tells me this system is 10 years old and is sort of like the amber alert system. there’s nothing he’s putting out that’s new and there’s no real indication that he’d use it. right?

  2. Glass

    Great freaking idea. Maybe I can get a brain implant also. When is his dumb twitter account gonna get hacked so he stops using it.

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