Ursula at Munich Security Conference 2017. NATO approach.

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  1. We should be wary of shifting this struggle into a front against Islam and Muslims. Otherwise, we are in danger of deepening the trenches from which violence and terror are growing. Rather, it remains proper to seek partnerships with like-minded Muslim and Arab states.

  2. Von der Leyen told the assembled international government representatives and security experts that Germany realized it had to shoulder a greater burden of the cost of NATO.

  3. NATO has only two supreme allied commanders. Such is the importance NATO places on adaption that one of those commanders is assigned the sole mission of charting NATO’s constant transformation. Supreme Allied Command for Transformation is the only NATO headquarters in the United States. Commanded by a four-star French general, he leads some of the best strategic thinkers from our nations drawn from all the nations, and this demonstrate the level of importance that we in NATO place on adaption the alliance to new threats such as terrorism, cyber threats and hybrid war.

  4. To confront the threats facing our alliance, we must recognize not just strategic realities, but also political realities. President Trump came into office and has thrown now his full support to NATO. He too espouses NATO’s need to adapt to today’s strategic situation for it to remain credible, capable and relevant.

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