Was Hammond right to call the E.U the enemy?

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*Two states cannot exist upon the same land — one must give way.


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  1. Its the same with Corbyn he as been anti EU all is political life . But he goes to the EU and as now changed is mind and is for single market soft brexit and more and more immigrants . He as turned his back on the British people who voted to leave the EU and as bowed to the remoaners in the labour party .As Nigel once said he hasn’t the ball’s to put country before party. He is a traitor don’t be fooled by corbyn He is a old horse .

  2. Nigel the fact that we never legally joined the EU. As you said they illegally change the name round the back door. What if we took it to the European Court?

  3. Regardless of whether somebody voted remain or leave I can’t understand how anyone could so blindly support the EU after the way they keep behaving especially towards Catelonia, it’s amazing the EU fanatics out there have the balls to claim Nigel is being ‘religious’ about leaving.

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