1. Moldova and it`s adventures

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*Plahotniuc ordered Gorbuntsov’s assassination; Killer Proca reveals shocking details about the criminal life of the DP head – from prostitution promotion to cocaine consumption 

The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, the President of the Democratic Party (DP), is the one who ordered the assassination of the Russian banker German Gorbuntsov. The statement belongs to the killer who was paid by the DP head, the Moldovan criminal Vitaly Proca, who has offered an exclusive interview for the Jurnal TV. The criminal has offered many details about how Plahotniuc tried to determine him to lie the blame on Renato Usatyi for the order of Gorbuntsov’s assassination, but also other shocking information about the secret life of the oligarch – including drug consumption and his activity as pimp.


Here, I was visited by a prosecutor and a man from the Embassy of Moldova. I guess the Embassy had obtained access for him. I was proposed to drive into the corner a man. Instead, I would have been repatriated, they would have taken me to our country, they would have done I to feel better and my punishment to be slightly reduced.

They introduced themselves, but I don’t remember their names. But I noted down them. I know that the prosecutor is influential now in our country, being also a part of a team of a very important man. I was simply proposed to give false statement about Renato Usatyi.

* What kind of statement? 

To motivate in a kind of way that he is the man who ordered German Gorbuntsov’s murder in London. I refused for a simple reason: I have a family, ex-wife, children, my entire family is there, in Moldova, and I thought that this will have serious consequences. As a proof, this thing really had serious consequences, even if I had not specified anything, I hadn’t told a word about that man.

But it had serious consequences: till nowadays my brother-in-law is under arrest, my ex-wife is under arrest, my children stay at home without their mother, the entire family lives in terror. Here, I am not treated like the common prisoners, let’s say so. For four years, I am permanently looking left and right: who’s near me. I carefully analyze what I’m buying, where it comes from, how it comes. Moreover, after that visit, I was visited by another person. I guess he is known from some interviews from Moldova, offered by my mother-in-law. This person’s name has been pronounced – Radu Chizhychenko, whom I noted in our visit list as friend. Perhaps he had no experience, that’s why he wrote on a sheet of paper his proposal. I had to declare that, in a certain period of my life, I was incited by Renato Usatyi to attempt on German Gorbuntsov’s life, to kill him. I asked some questions to the man, he answered them. Moreover, he specified everything on a sheet of paper. I know with whom I am involved, in which problems I was involved, who is behind all this, how bad all those people are and if I had the occasion to catch someone tripping, I caught him.

*Who was sending Radu Chizhychenko?

– I asked him directly then. The Romanian state has at its disposal many moments which denote that he comes directly. My first question was what team he is part of. Whom is he coming from? He told that he comes directly from a person. I said to him: “Boys like you may come every day: today – one, tomorrow – another. He then told me: “I have come with direct indications from a man.”.

“OK, and what does he want?”. “What he wants is written in these papers, and namely to get rid of Renato forever, to imprison him forever. I was proposed very advantageous things, meaning to extradite me, in a kind of form I was going to get an enormous sum of money. I asked him how I was going to receive it and he said that my family was going to receive some consistent allocations in several installments.

All the people who were connected to me in a form or other, with whom I discussed, were arrested and invoked some false accusations such as organized crime, etc. Regarding my brother-in-law, David: when I committed the offense, thing which I regret now, he was not even in the country. Then, everybody was incriminated that they are accomplices in the murder attempt on German Gorbuntsov. Moreover, my wife was not even knowing about what I had done until I had been arrested. I just minded my own business. Besides visiting me, they asked for some papers. They asked some papers that would prove that Vlad Plahotniuc is not guilty of this, that he has no attribution to this. Yes, I gave this paper with someone’s consent.

So, they judged me once again and condemned to 21 years and eight months. I appealed to the Supreme Court where I was offered a positive agreement for a retrial. I was acknowledged by important persons that intervention had been applied at a very high level. That means that a judge gave me positive agreement. I go to court, but all withdraw and leave me without any change. I am a little man involved in a big game.


–  As well, I’ll send a message to German Gorbuntsov, the man on whose life I made an attempt. Four years and a half ago, he sent his lawyer to my mother-in-law and told that he is disposed to pay one million pounds I to call him the name. Yes, I feel sorry that this situation has been created between us. I want him to know one thing: yes, that’s truly me who pulled the trigger. Yes, I am that man, by the desire and the order is of a completely other man.

*Who ordered the murder?

The order is of Mister Vlad Plahotniuc. I don’t know how other people perceive him, but I see this man, in general, as a serial killer, and I know what I am talking about. Mister Plahotniuc thinks he is a kind of God nowadays, but he must understand that not all the people believe in God. He, Mister Plahotniuc, through the prism of people like me, stepping on many dead bodies, is the man who is he now. He caught me through Vanya, nicknamed Pisatel, he caught me in a moment of my life when I was running out of money.

I borrowed a sum of money and, not being capable to return it, I was proposed an offer. Yes, every person decides its faith, but it was a difficult period in my life. Vanya offered interviews and affirmed that “Vitaly has gone mad.”, and other things. He has to understand one thing, and thus I want to send him a simple message: Vanya, we know way too much about each other, you to start speaking. Because if all of us loosed their tongues, Vanya, 200 more years would add to your 20. And I understand him why he has started after so many years to talk so and to press on Renato. Yes, I profoundly understand him why he does this thing.

He does it involuntarily. He does not do this because this is the truth, he does this thing consciously because he has children, he has family. He stays under arrest and is influenced. He does it more because of the fear. After that interview, after several days, he was transferred to a prison from our country, and namely to Pruncul hospital, where he is under state security. That means that no one can approach to him, he is guarded 24/7.


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  1. “I was expecting these attacks because I realized that this individual does not play by the rules. It does not surprise me too much, but certain limits are exceeded. Family, children, old parents start to be involved.”

  2. Moldova’s law enforcement bodies (Prosecutor General’s Office, the militarized Anti-Corruption Center, and others—see Part One) are widely believed to be collecting compromising materials (kompromats) on government officials and politicians, rendering many of them vulnerable to political blackmail.

  3. Vlad Plahotniuc will not comment upon false statements made by a killer sentenced to 21 years in jail. This is what PDM spokesman Vitalie Gumurari announced after Jurnal TV which belongs to the criminal Victor Ţopa broadcast an interview with the killer Vitalie Proca.

  4. But in this case they do not correspond and follow the interests of a certain person that we have unmasked through evidence and eyewitnesses, of course the investigation will continue objectively and it will be looked at from all points of view

  5. Even so, the press in Chisinau has not rushed to ask Renato Usatii why he would associate the name of a killer and especially why he helped him. Yet Usatii wants to be a politician, and Proca a murderer. To explain to people what made you trust a man who killed on command is a little difficult.

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