10 global developments

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GEOMETR.IT  The Agenda with Steve Paikin


   * Ian Bremmer, about 10 global developments  that, if ill-managed, could result in major worldwide upheavals.

YOUTUBE 2018   Global Risks in Turbulent Times

Ian Bremmer, the president of The Eurasia Group, has identified 10 global developments that, if ill-managed, could result in major worldwide upheavals. He speaks with Steve Paikin about his predictions.

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  1. News of violent acts snuffing out the lives of innocent bystanders assaults our senses seemingly on a daily basis. Heart-wrenching events, such as last week’s deadly terrorist attack in Spain, leave many of us weary, and worse, pessimistic about the future.

  2. Risks that raise concerns for internal audit practitioners can also extract a human toll. But this sad truth should not ignore a constantly heightened sense of alarm amid these terrifying times. There

  3. In trying times, we would all do well to remember that the world really knows no borders. We strive on a daily basis to demonstrate what can be accomplished when, in such a diverse and evolving environment, we remember and focus on the things that bring us together.

  4. It is my hope that these values might serve as touchpoints in good times and bad, and that we might always be cognizant of the value of working together and of reaching out to our peers in global hotspots with messages of support and concern

  5. “Displaying courage, as well as passion for our work, we boldly pursue new ideas, recognizing that the best solutions come from the power of working together and embracing inclusive thinking.”

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