2. Fairy-tales in illiberal times

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In the end, this government does not care much about Soros; what they care about is putting up big enough smokescreens to divert people from the real conversations that need to be had, to systematically uncover how this country has been immensely damaged by a political group over the past few years, that has no vision for the future beyond the preservation of its own power.

These conversations must include stark allegations of corruption and nepotism, particularly well covered by the investigative and privately funded Hungarian news-portal direct36 or the deterioration of Hungary’s education sector on all levels.

One aspect they must include, to exemplify the scale of problems Hungary is dealing with, is a collapsing health system.

This government does not care much about Soros; what they care about is putting up big enough smokescreens to divert people from the real conversations that need to be had.

Hungary’s medical council recently published a statement that medical treatment and medical financing in Hungary is at the same level as during the second world war. Hospitals in Hungary are in a desperate state, salaries are miserable, encouraging thousands of valuable medical personal to leave their home and try their luck abroad.

Thousands of doctors had to be reactivated out of retirement by the government to just fill the most basic gaps. Patients have gotten used to under the counter payments to medical professionals in hope of better treatment, de-facto degrading what would be among the most respected and best funded professions in most other societies.

In comparison to migration to Hungary, which at this point is practically non-existent, this is a real and pressing problem which the Hungarian government is not willing to acknowledge as it would simply demonstrate its own impotence and the damage it has broad to Hungarian society through actively diverting attention from pressing issues.  

After all, none of this is about George Soros and none of this should be about George Soros. Commentators on and in Hungary should dodge this debate as this is exactly where the Hungarian government would like to direct it.

What needs to be done is to highlight and support investigative reporting of free but financially struggling news organisations such as 444.hu or direct36.hu. That would help to highlight the considerable societal problems Hungary is grappling with and to contrast them to the shallow rhetoric of a supposedly omnipotent government.

This is the basic act of holding a government accountable, the one thing this government is afraid of under its self-proclaimed ‘illiberal democracy’. It is also the only way to overcome the social paralysis under which a considerable part of Hungarian society remains due to the instrumental use of conspiracy theories from the side of its own government.

In the end, there is no evil frog in the well but once we look deeper we may see that the well has been badly maintained and is in serious danger of running dry.


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  1. Of course, you are one of the people who think that restriction of speech for promotion of hatred (racial et al.) is a terrible attack on freedoms. When it comes to genuine expression of freedom, you are opposed to it. This is nothing other than hypocritical far right manipulation.

  2. It really does not matter what the article said, Soros is evil. He is trying to interfere in the governing of the Hungarian nation. Let us not forget that he nearly broke the bank of England to increasing his wealth. He is also financing NGOs to cause dissension in the country. Soros wants to allow one million migrants into the EU, however, he wants the taxpayers to foot the bill. There is nothing good one can say about a greedy person whose aim is to get richer.

  3. No conservative thinker need to apologize for their philosophy. Mr. Trump did not try to break the bank of England. Mr. Trump is not interfering in Hungary’s sovereignty by employing NGOs to cause discourse. I believe the word moderate does not apply to you. I would certainly not support a foreigner to meddle in my country’s affairs. Soros is still the evil one!!!!!

  4. Look up the definition of conservatism. Mr Trump is not your enemy but Soros is. Mr. Trump is a nationalists, wants the best for his country. Why would any Hungarian not support a leader elected legally rather than back a greedy foreigner. It does not seem patriotic to me.

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