2. Game of Trolls in the UK

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Schadenfreude is the sparkling wine of choice in Remain circles this Christmas -and you can see why

Yes, Brexit must happen.

No, Brexit doesn’t have to happen in the most disastrous way possible

You would like, in these circumstances, there to be a better opposition. One capable of appreciating this. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, however, prefers to maintain its position of deliberate ambiguity; nodding to Remain sentiment while doing almost nothing to thwart or amend the hard Brexit you suspect the Labour party’s leadership truly, deeply, instinctively, favours. The EU, remember, is a “capitalist club” so we’re better off out. There are many reasons for pitying the young people spell-bound by Corbyn; the distance between his views and what they think his views is one of the more poignant reasons for that sadness.

Nevertheless, if we move away from talk of “hard” or “soft” or “open” or “closed” Brexit we might begin to appreciate that what really matters is a smooth Brexit. Some government ministers appreciate this, among them Michael Gove who has lately been stressing the need for a period of continuity in terms of agricultural policy. This is sensible, not least since the UK is tasked with creating its own agricultural policy for the first time in 40 years. Gove, who this week suggested hill farm payments should be guaranteed until at least 2022, appears to understand the difficulty involved in this task. And, for that matter, the sensitivity.

Remainers may be right in thinking this a shambles of someone else’s creating. “You broke it, you own it” is a widely-shared sentiment, one made more appealing by the government’s own behaviour since the referendum.

As a matter of rhetoric – which, since this is a question of signalling, is also important – the government has invariably chosen to exclude the 48 percent of voters who backed Remain and pander, instead, to the worst instincts of hardcore Brexiteers. Managing the Tory party’s internal divisions has sometimes seemed to be more important than leading the country towards the Brexit that can command maximum support from realistic Remainers and moderate Leavers.

Instead of realism, we have had far too much fantasy. Reality has contradicted the fantasy that Brexit would, as Liam Fox put it, be one of the easiest negotiations in human history. Schadenfreude is the sparkling wine of choice in Remain circles this Christmas and you can understand why this is the case.

Be that as it may, obsessing about passports colours and the other ephemera of the Brexit-and-bulldog bullshit brigade does not, in the end, get us very far. If Brexit is to be saved – that is, if it is to be improved – it will have to be saved by Remainers, not by Leavers. Let the worst – on all sides – enjoy their passport frothing, for obsessing about such matters is tomfoolery raised to an “iconic” level.

have to happen in the most disastrous way possible.

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  1. Referendum was a generalised protest vote which already doesn’t command majority. However for a
    minority of leavers Brexit is also a kind of millennial cult.

  2. Brexit collision with reality may not necessarily cure them. I don’t think we should meekly agree to be kept hostage to this cult same way as we should not stop vaccinate children just because some people persist in believing that vaccines doesn’t work.

  3. Give over. The question on the ballot paper was, to paraphrase, do you wish to remain in the EU or leave it? In other words, are you happy with the EU? Do you, fundamentally, like, respect, admire and have confidence in the EU? And my answer was and remains “No I bloody don’t!”. I don’t like its single currency and the fact that it’s made Italy poorer in real terms than it was in 1998, the year it last used lira, and made at least 3 other members demonstrably worse off than they were. There are many reasons why I don’t like it; but most of all, as far as I’m concerned, Europe stands on the verge of demographic and economic disaster, and I hold the EU and its ideology (that of airy-fairy liberalism) singularly responsible

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