2. Moldova and it`s adventures

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*Plahotniuc ordered Gorbuntsov’s assassination; Killer Proca reveals shocking details about the criminal life of the DP head – from prostitution promotion to cocaine consumption


* What connects Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ion Druta?

Ion Druta and Plahotniuc know each other for many, many years. It is like in certain circles, when you know a friend for 10-15 years and you know everything about her, about her mistakes while you were at the club. I mean, you know everything about each other. The same thing is between Vanya and Plahotniuc.

Especially because Vanya was the man who consumed the commissions. So, let Vanya stay where he is now, as I understood that he stays in good conditions. And I advise him not to tell that he doesn’t know certain things, because he has consumed enough commissions. Vanya captured a part of money that had been offered.

*Ion Druta tells that in the murder attempt from Great Britain, there were involved Valeriu Halupa, a guy called Ghenadie, alias Clifford, and a guy Oleg. Who are these persons and what was their role?

In that murder attempt, there were involved just Vlad Plahotniuc, Vanya, and I. Yes, there is one more person, who prepared the documents, the passports, etc., because, you know, all are part of a team and that was not my team, particularly because I had just been released from prison then. You know, to prepare a man to do this, it is needed time.

I had a long-lasting punishment in the last mandate. Starting with my release and till my leave, Mister Vlad Plahotniuc was present, informally or in the shadow, through some persons. He was preparing a man who would reach his goal. I think you realize that I had a 25-year mandate there, but I was released after 13 years, I mean not in vain.

They left me free for one year, I stayed at home. They were always giving me money and parcels. And at a certain moment, you become indebted. And it is simple to erase the debts – you have to do one thing, especially that this also brings you some additional money as well.

– But how was it possible? I know that you were conditionally released, having about 50 violations, I don’t know exactly. 

– I had more than 100 violations. 

– How was it possible and how were the documents prepared? 

– Do you know how my documents were prepared? I went and submitted the acts, and the second day I went and received the documents ready. 

– On whose name? 


 Much was speculated that after this crime from Romania, I ran away. I ran nowhere, we’ll come back to this moment. I ran nowhere and absolutely from no one. I have a cousin in Moscow. He is called Ion Mogildea, or he is nicknamed Belyi. He has business there, since 2009-2010. The business relates to cannibalization. He brings parts from Europe, in the end it does not matter. My cousin told me: “Come to Moscow and let’s enlarge the business.”. He was living alone, and we know each other since childhood. We were living on the same street. Since kids, we were helping each other.


Mister Proca, why does the prosecution of the Republic of Moldova try to make Renato Usatyi guilty for the murder attempt?

I think that the problem with Renato Usatyi is simpler. These are some political games, their own business: of Plahotniuc, of Renato, of Gorbuntsov. This is a completely other level of life, and completely other things happen on this level of life. You know, it is easy to find a modality how to dismount a politician – a case is initiated on his behalf, accusations are filed.

Do you have proofs against Vladimir Plahotniuc that he ordered this murder?

Some time ago, I met with Pisatel in a place where we discussed about German Gorbuntsov. We met in a place from the Centru district where Mister Vlad was present. They say Vlad Plahotniuc is a venous snake. He likes not just to control, he likes to know everything. Man’s curiosity has no limits. This man wanted not only to know, he wanted to see everything with his own eyes. We did not discuss about too many things, but this man was knowing one hundred percent why I leave for England. It depends on how others understand, but in our slang if you say that you have to go to the cemetery to burry a man that means “to put a lid on him”. But if you go to kill a man and you tell to put a lid on him and to nail it, what would that mean?

You know, Mister Vlad Plahotniuc is very wise and I respect him for this. Each man is wise in a kind of way, but he is not only wise, he is also wicked and dangerous. I mean, he tricked Pisatel and imprisoned him for 20 years for triple murder. He imprisoned him just to bring to silence and nothing happened with Ion as long as nothing happened to me, he to influence me somehow. I am tired of permanently looking left and right, of being scared of everything that flies, of being scared of everything. I have told you at the beginning, once a car brakes suddenly, it is impossible not to flinch.

You know, Mister Vlad Plahotniuc, I know what I’ve done and you know what you’ve ordered and it would be wonderful if you assumed your responsibility, because I’ve assumed my responsibility, and I’ve received my 21 years, and I’ll stay in jail for this. It would be better if you assumed your responsibility as well. I’d like to tell you one thing: sooner or later, consequences will result from my words.

Whether they are credible or not, this will be decided by the competent authority. Yes, it is harder to charge a man who has billions, it is very hard. If he was a common man and I offered this statement, he would be arrested for 30 days, initially. We will confront to bring the things on the surface the way they are. It is more complicated in the case of Mister Plahotniuc. Because starting from justice, law and ending with politics – everything is controlled by him. He stays on the horse, but the horse might be lame.

We cannot endlessly fear of a man who caused much harm. He truly caused harm. I have told you this and I repeat it once again. Yes, I was the man who pulled the trigger, but the wish was not mine. It wasn’t me the man who staged this. I am just the man who left and returned. Do you believe that the man who pulled the trigger is more dangerous than the man who planned this? Well, now I ask him this question: Mister Plahotniuc, how do you feel after planning this? I was your tool. I was imprisoned with the help of Vanya and Vanya received his commission of one hundred thousand.


* The publication is not an editorial. It reflects solely the point of view and argumentation of the author. The publication is presented in the presentation. Start in the previous issue. The original is available at : md

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  1. The defendants risk the following punishments:

    The act of intentional killing is punishable by imprisonment from 15 to 20 years.
    For the wearing, preservation, illegal use of weapons and ammunition, a prison sentence of 2 to 7 years may be imposed.
    In order to organize illegal migration, a fine of 1150 to 1350 conventional units or 5 to 7 years imprisonment can be imposed.
    For the illegal crossing of the state border, a fine of up to 750 conventional units or community service from 150 to 200 hours or imprisonment for up to 2 years may be imposed.

  2. Despite the fact he holds no governmental position, Vlad Plahotniuc is known for his control over the Government, judiciary branch, prosecution system and the anti-corruption bodies through his proxy Democratic Party, vassal-parties and particular persons in the top management of Moldovan institutions.

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