2. Who is Moldova’s bad Robin Hood?

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* What country is it? Haiti under the Duvalier government, or Zimbabwe under Mugabe? No. This is the Republic of Moldova

Plahotniuc is well aware that in a fair election to the Moldovan Parliament in November 2018, his Democratic party will gain votes within the statistical error. Therefore, despite opposition protests, recommendations of the Venice Commission, criticism of civil society and foreign partners, the ruling democratic party and the Pro-presidential party of socialists changed the electoral system in Moldova.

With the help of a mixed system, Plahotniuc desires to drag his people in single-mandate districts, or then force independent deputies to enter his faction in the future Parliament of the country by threats, blackmail or bribery.

  • It should be noted that both the US and the EU acknowledge the Moldovan problems. And either do not want, or can not solve them, or use them to their advantage.
  • The website of the US Department of Justice, in 2016 reports on the situation in Moldova as follows: “Corruption remains the most serious problem in the country. At that time, as the law provides criminal penalties for official corruption, the government is not efficient to comply with the legislation. And officials often engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. Corruption in the judiciary and other state structures is widespread.
  • Throughout the year the government has made progress in investigating cases of corruption involving public officials and judges. But these legal actions were mostly selective. The judicial power is corrupt and compromised. It is noted that individuals pay bribes to the police, the health care system and education. Legal entities pay bribes mostly in courts and fiscal authorities”.(2016 MOLDOVA HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT 

In the report of Amnesty International for 2016-2017, available on the website of the U.S. Department of justice notes “the feeling of powerlessness of the population of Moldova in the face of corruption. The deterioration of living conditions continues to define the political климат”.

  • Plahotniuc in 2012 began to use the resource of large lobby companies, concluding contracts with them for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Then being a Vice-speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Plahotniuc signed a contract with “Potomac Global Advisors, LLC”.
  • The company had to support Plahotniuc in participating in the International Leaders forum, which was held by the democratic party of the United States. Also, “Potomac” was to organize meetings of Plahotniuc with officials of the White House, the State Department, the Ministry of Trade and the US Congress.
  • The democratic party of Plahotniuc is actively cooperating with the lobbyist company Podesta Group. Their goal is to get support in the US Congress and improving the Moldovan-American relations. Only in 2016, Podesta Group organized 250 PR actions for the Moldovan democratic party, including two telephone conversations with assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and correspondence with her by e-mail. In total for its services Podesta Group received 484 thousand dollars and 47,1 thousand dollars.(https://www.mold-street.com/?go=news&n=6394).

July 28, 2017 with Cornerstone Government Affairs, which works with many big corporations: Johnson&Johnson, Microsoft, Nike, Pfizer and others, and July 27 – a new contract with Podesta Group. In both cases the contract on behalf of the PDM was signed by the Secretary General of the party, Constantin Botnari. The new contract with Podesta Group is concluded for 6 months, it came into force on September 22, 2017 and is valid until March 21, 2018.

For six months, the Moldovan Democrats of Plahotniuc will pay Podesta $ 120 thousand, $60 thousand for every three months. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the contract will be automatically extended on March 22, 2018.

Democrats also must reimburse the lobbyists for administrative costs, to pay for travel business class, stay in five-star hotels, to cover all the costs for advertising, design, buying domain and hosting. The contract with Cornerstone Government Affairs is concluded until 31 July 2018. For one year of cooperation with USPR men, Moldovan Democrats will pay $ 360 thousand — $30 thousand each month.

Both lobbying companies under the terms of the contract will help to establish bilateral relations between Moldova (read – Plahotniuc) and the United States, to build communication with the target audience, including the US Congress, the Executive Power, politicians and non-governmental organizations. In the contract with Podesta Group it is written to establish a dialogue with the media.

In addition, this company will conduct research and analyze issues of interest to their client. Both lobbyists pledged to hold meetings with congressmen and their subordinates, representatives of the US Executive power, politicians, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations for the Democratic Party of Moldova.

In 2017, the democratic party of Plahotniuc signed a contract with the European lobby company Burson-Marsteller. This company is the second most influential lobby group in the EU. The contract amount was not disclosed because of “commercial secret”.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent by Moldovan “Democrats” and the criminal oligarch on lobbying their interests in the US and Europe. And this is all in a poor country with a rapidly declining population and a completely degraded economy and social sphere.

The citizens of Moldova are concerned about the earning of daily bread, they are trying to somehow survive in their country. And behind their backs the odious criminal power uses everything that is possible to preserve their positions. But people’s hatred for the regime is already preparing the scaffold. Payback is inevitable.

The publication is not an editorial. It reflects solely the point of view and argumentation of the author. The publication is presented in the presentation. Start in the previous issue. The original is available at:  carsa.rs



  1. Vlad] Plahotniuc crossed another red line, in fact, depriving citizens of their right to elect their representatives to post of authority.

  2. The failure to recognize the election results of the election for mayor of the capital under a flimsy pretext, using bought-and-paid-for courts and pseudo-opposition in the form of the Socialist Party (PSRM) and [President Igor] Dodon, is a continuation of the usurpation of power in the state by an organized criminal group of the Democratic Party (DPM) led by oligarch Plahotniuc.

  3. We demand that law enforcement agencies initiate a criminal investigation into the usurpation of power in the state and the immediate arrest of Plahotniuc and his henchmen!

  4. In a message posted on facebook, the democrat claims that the early elections requested by the Platform can be an option if the majority of population wants it and if there is an alternative for current leadership.

  5. If this is the real wish of society, not of a group of interests that wants to seize power, I see no problem in supporting it. It is an option that should be analyzed seriously. All the risks should be assessed and courageous decisions should be taken”, reads the message.

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