The Balkan`s past/future

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  * About the Balkans, its complicated past and the challenges it faces in the future.

YOUTUBE 2018  Global Empire – The Fate Of The Balkans

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  1. Divide and conquer by all means. Right after the WWII Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin drew the new Eastern Europian map and spheres of influence.Greece was taken by the West because of its highly important(especially for Britain) geographic position.Romania and Bulgaria both were given to the Soviet regime. Yugoslavia, on the other hand, had been divided in 50% Western, and 50% Soviet sphere of influence.

  2. That is why the Balkans will never be a peaceful territory. Every country in the region rewrites the history to achieve its political goals. The sad truth is that all states in Eastern Europe have done so little for their own good. All terrible events in the past 150 years were orchestrated by the great powers-dividing people politically, religiously, and culturally.

  3. Aber eigentlich ist es doch nur ein weiterer Nationalstaat, zu dem sich die EU dann entwickelt. Staat bleibt Staat, egal, ob er jetzt 5 Millionen, 80 Millionen oder 505 Millionen Einwohner hat. Vielleicht führen wir in Zukunft keine Kriege innerhalb Europas mehr. Tatsächlich gibt es ja den Begriff der „europäischen Bürgerkriege“ als Bezeichnung für den ersten und zweiten Weltkrieg.

  4. People are more likely to believe certain things when it comes from someone they perceive as having their bias. In this piece Tariq tangentially feeds the narrative that Stalin is as bad as Hitler. I would not expect anything less from a Trotskyite.

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