Confirmation for supporting Plahotniuc

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*What we know about Plahotniuc

Over time, the PL leader many times put in danger the government. He is not a stable partner. Perhaps when Plahotniuc will have a stable parliamentary majority, very safe, he will remove Ghimpu out of the government formula, especially if he will play the card that he played before: on horseback and on foot, meaning in government as well as in opposition. If PL would reform, if they would come up with a credible leader and would be a loyal partner of the government then it could stay in the present formula. If not, then at the first opportunity that will arise, PDM will throw it out. Any analysis that we make is based on the fact that Plahotniuc is extremely pragmatic and cool. He will not hesitate to take every step to achieve his political goal and his goal now is that PDM to be the main and alternative political force to PSRM/  More info:

*Plahotniuc`s western allies

Our western partners understand territorial disputes in Ukraine, but Moldova has a similar crisis in Transnistria. Plahotniuc is now a prominent partner of the pro-European current. His past business positions have included serving as chief executive for one of Moldova’s largest private banks and as vice-president of the country’s largest oil-distribution company; today he controls extremely valuable real estate in Chişinău.

He began his political career as a secondary figure in the Party of Communists, which he left in2009as they fell from power, suddenly emerging as the vice president of the center-right Democratic Party. Since then the Democratic Party has been a minority member of the governing coalition with the Liberal Party (lead by the nationalist Mihai Ghimpu) and the Liberal-Democratic Party (founded by Filat).More info:

*Vlad Plahotniuc lobbying in the US «for the economy of Moldova» 

Vlad Plahotniuc was lobbying the United States with the purpose of recognizing Moldova as a state with functioning market economy and removing our country from the Jackson-Vanik amendment. At the moment, this amendment imposes trade restrictions for Moldova, as well as for Russia and other countries of the former socialist bloc.

The first strong confirmation to restore trade relations between our country and the USA was received by Vlad Plahotniuc from David Price, Democrat congressman and member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

David Price said during the meeting with First Deputy Speaker of our country: “I am convinced that very soon we will be able to remove Moldova from the Jackson-Vanik amendment. This is very important for us too, as partners of Moldova “. Confirmation for supporting Moldova’s economy is even more important when it comes from the U.S. Congressman, who is also Co-Chair of the Friendship Group Moldova – USA, established in June of this current year, during the visit of the President of the Moldovan Parliament Marian Lupu in the United States.

Gregory Meeks, member of the House of Representatives from New York said: “It is significant that the Democrats and the Republicans from the US Congress agreed to clarify all trade relations with Moldova. Rarely do the democrats and the Republicans agree on a subject. In this case, however, the situation in Moldova is likely to be resolved by the end of this year”.

The talks held by Vlad Plahotniuc and the two U.S. congressmen focused on enhancing the parliamentary dialogue between the two countries. Vlad Plahotniuc declared during his working visit to America: “Over time, with the USA support and our efforts in Moldova, we hope that more members of the House of Representatives will be part of the friendship group created with my country. I believe that the bilateral parliamentary dialogue has an important role because it is our duty as parliamentarians, to represent citizens including when it comes to external relations”.

The First Deputy Speaker has also received encouragement from the Congress representatives for the measures meant to continue strengthening the democracy in the Republic of Moldova such as not only adopting the uninominal voting system and revising the Constitution, but also settling the Transnistrian conflict in a peaceful manner.

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  2. The heist wasn’t so much the cause of today’s political impasse. Rather, it was a symptom of a much longer crisis, of a system which made such theft possible in the first place.

  3. Vlad Plahotniuc is widely considered to be Moldova’s wealthiest person. However, the full extent of Plahotniuc’s assets and wealth remains unknown. He owes his financial standing to a privileged position in the inner circle of former Communist President, Vladimir Voronin. However Plahotniuc remained in the shadows of Moldovan politics while building an economic empire through commercial raiding. Moldovan media did not even have a photo of Moldova’s richest man until 2010.

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