Europe: to be or not to be

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* Joost Hiltermann, MENA program director at the International Crisis Group, on the difficult decisions Europe and Iran must make to save the Iran deal.




Some worry about the risk of a nuclear disaster in the EU. Questions have been raised about the safety of Belgium’s ageing plants, while Luxembourg plans to adopt a new law giving citizens the right to sue nuclear operators next to its borders – if there’s an accident.

And recently, Belgium’s federal government started handing out free iodine tables to residents, to limit the effects of radiation, if needed.

“Out of the 400 reactors in service globally, give or take, three quarters of them are too old and are heading towards the end of their life spans,” said anti-nuclear activist Stephane Lhomme.

“So in any case, whatever your thoughts on the matter, whether you’re for, against, whether there’s an alternative or not, in any case the majority of these reactors are going to close or are in the process of closing down. It’s the case in the US, in Japan obviously with the Fukushima disaster but it’s an irreversible process.”


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  1. We discuss possible interpretations of the non-water-ice elements (especially the sulphur compound mercaptan) in the context of the studies for future missions. To achieve reliable biosignatures it seems essential to go back to Europa. Our work highlights the type of biogenic signatures that can be searched for when probing Europa’s icy and patchy surface.

  2. To develop and hone tools in the hands of states, international organizations, and non-state actors to improve protection of human rights and prevention of violent conflict.

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