It’s time to say Goodbye

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* It has become clear that a softer Brexit is better, and Britain need only look to Norway to see why.


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The Brexit vote took place two years ago. But when Britons voted to leave the EU they had no say in what sort of Brexit they wanted.


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  1. Norway has a worse deal than those even in the EU. Borderless borders and no right to vote within the EU. + Pay through your teeth to get this “deal”.

  2. It’s realty pathetic how people will give up their sovereignty for being part of a market. The British for 200 years were a great power on their own. They can achieve great heights again but I fear socialistic policies create largess and mediocrity. What a shame.

  3. we want OUT, no soft Brexit, no giving away our waters and no bill at the end. Germany can pay that from the trillions in war debt they’re due us.

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