Moldova. Lie and terror or “Reforms”

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GEOMETR.IT  04.02.2016

The Government of Filip-Plahotniuc walks with outstretched hand in Bucharest, searching for some financial sources that would cover the gaps from budget. Gaps appeared after the robberies of billions of Euro of the criminal organization led by the oligarch from Grozeşti and Pituşca.

Meanwhile, Filip-Plahotniuc sweeten the hearing of the development partners that in 100 days they will carry out reforms continuously, that they will bring in country rivers of milk and honey… The first 15 days of the activity of the extremely zealous government have passed.

And, because I proposed to myself to daily monitor the actions of the “government of the last chance”, I will publish just a part of the “reforms” which I observed in the first half of month!

So, we know that the band installed itself at night, stealthily, spitting on people’s protests and beating the protesters with bats in head, thing categorically interdicted by the international legislation. Among policemen were observed Plahotniuc’s brutes, illegally dressed in police uniform!

  • January, 20, 2016.The band beats the pro-European citizens with bats in head! It is painful not just physically, but also morally! Close to us wave the flags of Moldova and of the European Union! Mister Cioloş and Iohannis, look at these images! And after this you will give money to Plahotniuc’s brigade?!
  • January, 21, 2016.The band did not understand one more extremely simple thing – in the Republic of Moldova takes place a popular revolt! The people put flags at windows, the builders from height salute the protesters’ march, the students join our irreversible actions.
    The civic society consolidates, the parliamentary opposition – that of left-wing, as well as that of right-wing, the extra-parliamentary parties, too. But, the most important is that the citizens are sure that want to achieve the change of the band through elections, the most democratic method invented by humankind!
  • January, 22, 2016.The Moldova 1 demonstrates further its servility and obedience towards the Puppeteer! In newscast from January, 22, we find out how Plahotniuc’s commissars complaint that the protesters beat policemen at the Parliament, but about the demonstrators beaten severely by Plahotniuc’s beasts they did not mention a word! Nor even about the colonel Chiril Moţpan, member of the Grand National Assembly Council, hospitalized after being kicked, is not said a word! The fifth television post of Plahotniuc!
  • January, 23, 2016.We find out from press that the “pro-European” Plahotniuc has also Russian citizenship, that means triple, thing interdicted by law! The reforms are in reliable hands!
  • January, 24, 2016.Massive protest in Chişinău! About 80 thousand people require early elections, supported by prominent representatives of civic society – Ţăranu, Barbăroşie, Snegureac, Carasciuc, Tulbure, Nantoi… It is required the resignation of Jizdan and Cavcaliuc because they called the people flock!
  • January, 25, 2016. Plahotniuc’s trust misinforms that national and international public opinion regarding the change of the vector, eliminating from the talk show În Profunzime Andrei Năstase’s answer!

Lorena Bogza: “What will you do with the Association Agreement with the European Union?”

Andrei Năstase: “We will implement it!”.

The conclusion of Plahotniuc’s propaganda – the Platform DA does not support the pro-European vector!

Moreover, it was told that if, hypothetically, the left wing would win the elections, exists the agreement that would be put moratorium on the changing of the European course.

The conclusion of Plahotniuc’s trust – the Platform DA is for the Customs Union!

  • January, 26, 2016.Unbelievable! Filip-Plahotniuc tried to lie in a criminal way to the Romanian Premier Dacian Cioloş. As if, says the double liar, the Government was established with great difficulties, because of the Socialists’ protests that want early election!
  • The lie has got short legs! Who does not know that the decision to manifest against the Government Plahotniuc was taken by the Civic Forum, and at protests participated citizens of the Republic of Moldova, no matter of political color, ethnicity, religion?!

    January, 27, 2016.What reforms has Plahotniuc-Filip performed today?
    He has formed a platform-mushroom to mislead the people regarding the Platform Dignity and Truth.

Grabbed definitively the State Tax Service and the Customs, meaning that he takes over Filat’s business.

  • January, 28.The tumultuous activities of the illegitimate Government Plahotniuc-Filip have not ended!

“Reform” number 1, “expected” by people – the meetings of the Government will take place at 5:00 PM!

“Reform” number 2 – the personal business from the State Tax Service and the Customs of Filat was seized by Plahotniuc!

“Reform” number 3 – Candu makes us happy – at the NBM will not be installed a governor from street. Of course, he will be from Nobil!

  • January, 29, 2016.A new “reform” of Plahotniuc-Filip! 12 individuals arrested today Anatol Mătăsaru for his unique way of enraging the mafia.
  • Candu wants referendum to elect the president by the whole nation in 2020! If we would leave them act as they want, in 4 years in the RM would remain just bandits, the people would all work abroad! However, Plahotniuc promises to the naive ones the Union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania in 2019.
  • January, 30, 2016.The reforms of Plahotniuc-Filip continue!

The godson Candu has not even finished to talk about the referendum on the election of the president, that the PD mayors from Hânceşti and Criuleni refuse to apply the stamp on the lists of signatures of the citizens, who want the election of the head of state by all people!

  • February, 1, 2016.The “reforms” continue, misters ambassadors! After the meeting from Thursday of Filip-Plahotniuc with the presidents of districts, the PD mayors received indications to form the lists of all sympathizers and participants at the protests of the Platform DA, Our Party and the parliamentary Opposition!
  • The black lists are elaborated to pressure on the demonstrators and discourage them to go to protests. Offspring of a family that dealt with the formation of black lists of householders for deportation in Siberia, Plahotniuc will offer assistance to all his toadies from districts

In the financial and economic chaos in which was thrown the Republic of Moldova because of the oligarchy and its seizure as state, appears a so-called decision of cancellation of all controls of the most important state services, that means to end smuggling, tax evasion, economic frauds, falsification of goods and other illegal activities”, say the experts!

  • February, 2, 2016.The fourteenth day of “reforms” of the “Government of last chance”, how called itself Plahotniuc’s band.

A friend of my on the FB warns me that I missed two profound “reforms” – that of power surrender through blood and war, a “pro-European” reform of the Criminal Democratic Party.

And the “reform” of grenade throwing during dark night in Drăguţanu’s palace, who pretends that was at home, than he was not at home, who is telling that has keeper, then tells that does not have. It is a “pro-European” reform of Plahotniuc who fights with Platon, the friend of lawyer Berlinschi, whose niece is Otilia Drăguţanu!

Nor the “pro-European” reform on the majoring of the tax for vehicles and real estate must not be neglected. Serghei Gubenco, one of the magistrates involved in the scheme of laundry of over 18 billion dollars from Russia through the banks and courts of Moldova, after being advanced four months ago from the Comrat Court to the Court of Appeal from this town, now was unanimously voted by the CSM members to propose him to the President of the country for the function of head of Comrat Court of Appeal. This is despite the fact that Nicolae Timofti rejected his candidature previously for promotion.

Today was buried Svetlana Baştovoi, the wife of the signatory of the Declaration of Independence Andrei Baştovoi, imprisoned by the criminal regime together with his son Valentin.

February, 3, 2016.We find out that the militia of Plahotniuc-Jizdan-Cavcaliuc send letters to economic agents and ask for information about invented damages which they would have supported during the march from January, 24, 2016 of the protesters! It is an illegal action, with the excess of their duties, with excess of zeal and infringement of law. The injured parties, if they exist, address from their own initiative to the legal bodies, not inversely!

The protesters who manifested on January, 20 at the Parliament to stop the offense of formation of an illegal government, at night, without a program of government, are called provokers. The majority of those identified are supporters of the Civic Platform Dignity and Truth. This “reform” of Plahotniuc’s band is considered by the protesters as Stalinist and could end with an unprecedented popular revolt!


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  1. Moldovans are sceptical. The population are currently reeling under the double-whammy of soaring food prices and hiked energy prices due to IMF demands, at the same time that public sector wages have been frozen.

  2. Public suspicion of Plahotniuc’s influence on state companies seemed confirmed in January when state-owned Moldtelecom, Moldova’s fixed-line telecommunications operator, announced a sharp rise of domestic tariffs – by two or three times according to price category.

  3. “Fight with whom and with what? In order to make a velvet revolution in the CPRM as well? Let’s be serious, don’t forget that Voronin holds 75 percent of votes, voters also vote for him, rather than for the CPRM, the polls show this very clearly, and we all know this. If Voronin go today to the electorate and says he wants to join the EU, the option of the communist electorate for him does not change much, tomorrow he will go and tell them to join the Customs Union and they join it as well. If Voronin has such influence in the weight of a vote, I think that Tkaciuk, Petrenco and Munteanu would not gather together even 1 percent. So who to fight with whom?! But let’s let them destroy each other; ultimately it is their internal matter and they should not be stopped or disturbed.” Clad Plahotniuc

  4. The Moldovan political class has been in chronic, insurmountable discords. Besides this, there is not a single personality among them who is able to consolidate the country and the civil society”, believes Vitaly Andrievsky.

  5. Plahotniuc ist nicht generell pro-westlich, d.h. er hat mit der EU eher weniger am Hut, aber wohl mit den USA. Er wurde schon früh von US-Diplomaten als künftiger Entscheidungsträger entdeckt und von den USA in seiner Karriere unterstützt.

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