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*Moldovans, live with caution!

Usatiy:  Dodon already voted for the “uniree” in 2017, rescuing Plahotniuc with the introduction of a mixed system. The chairman of Our Party, Renato Usaty, described on his Facebook page who exactly threatened the Moldovan statehood.

These are corrupt parties. In Moldova, Plahotniuc’s Democratic Party, and in Romania-PSD. According to Renato Usatogo, Moldova has a situation resembling 1918 – the current Moldovan parliament differs little from Sfatul Țării:

“No one is elected by the parliament, many of whose deputies are directly dependent on Romania, where they have criminal cases.”

Criminal cases in Romania are also instigated on the oligarch Plahotniuc. “Do you think our billionaire is capable of betraying the Motherland in order to save money and freedom?” Renato Usaty asks a rhetorical question.

At the same time, Dodon “continues to play political science”. “A chess player from Sadov does not understand that chess will not exist, as there was not their 1918 year. The parliamentary majority of Plahotniuc does not vote for the unification only because there has not yet been a direct order from Bucharest, “he said.

In Moldova, they come up with the most ungodly political technologies. This has become for some a kind of sport. We propose, for example, such a passage.

– The century of unification of Bessarabia with Romania is used by both Democrats and Socialists for electoral purposes.

Socialists are the main spokesmen of statehood on the left flank. And on the right, Maya Sandu is marginalized, joining the ranks of the Unionists. DPM, constantly calling itself centrist, expands its area in the center.

Forget all that is written above, because such schemes work in democratic societies, but not with us.

Today, Moldova is ruled by the analogue of Sfatul Țării   in 1918: there is no elected parliament, many deputies of which directly depend on Romania, where criminal cases are opened on them.

A similar story with Plahotniuc: at least two criminal cases in Romania, which for some reason (guess what) the reason is not given a move.

At the end of last week, Marian Lupu said in the Moldovan parliament that the union would never happen, and at the beginning of this week Adrian Kandu went to the Romanian parliament to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the unification.

Liviu Dragna, the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, called on his Moldovan counterpart to find the courage and to unite following the example of Germany on the basis of the eighth article of the Helsinki Act. Kandu did not object. After all, Dragne is a representative of the PSD, which in every possible way suppresses the attempts of the Romanian law enforcement agencies to bring to a logical conclusion the case against Plahotniuc.

Do you think our billionaire is capable of betraying the Motherland in order to save money and freedom?

While we answer for ourselves on this rhetorical question, Dodon continues to play political science. A chess player from Sadov, a Calarasi beetle (his party colleagues consider him very calculating), he does not understand that chess will not exist, as there was not their 1918 year.
The parliamentary majority of Plahotniuc does not vote for the unification only because there has not yet been a direct order from Bucharest.

In Romania, unlike Moldova, there is a president who, with the bandits from the PDD, struggles, and is skeptical about the union, judging even by his declaration today.

Well, for corrupt officials from the Social-Democratic International, it’s clear that “abasement” would be the ideal move that will write off all sins. As long as the PDM in Moldova, and in Romania, the PSD, the union remains only a matter of time.

Just do not say that the Socialists will defeat Plahotniuc in the elections. Do not laugh, Igor Nikolaevich: we all know that these will be for the elections. In fact, you already voted for the “unire” last year, having helped Plahotniuc with the introduction of a mixed system, “ -Renato Usatyi, the leader of Our Party, wrote in the facebook.

The general conclusion is this: Moldovans, live with caution!

* The publication is not an editorial. It reflects solely the point of view and argumentation of the author. The publication is presented in the presentation.

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  1. Starting in 2009–2010 a coalition was leading the country. They called themselves Pro-European. We used to call them the same, but we were wrong to do so. Being corrupt and defying democracy and transparency does not mean being European. Three parties were parts of the coalition — PLDM (the leader — Vlad Filat), PD (the leader — Marian Lupu, but he was more an instrument as Vlad Plahotniuc was the shadow who took all the decisions), PL — (the leader — Mihai Ghimpu).

  2. Aside of this, all the people under their protection developed important schemes of corruption: at customs, at the national telecommunication operator, police, anti-corruption center, everywhere where there was an important flow of money. To say it simple: they’ve put all the country on a matrix, which functions on corruption and is generating it further.

  3. The Western countries and US hurried up to salute the installation of the new Government. That means stability for them, avoiding the elections. Pushing the country into early elections means a high probability to lose the influence in the region in favor of Russia, which is pushing hard to gain back control over Ukraine and Moldova. Not the same feel the people who went on the streets. They don’t think about geopolitics.

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