Moldova : the changes are yet to come

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President Igor Dodon said a mixed-member electoral system would suit all the parties, including those that do not pass the election threshold. He denied the existence of an agreement with the Democrats on the change in the electoral system and merger of the two bills. Moreover, he said he didn’t give up the idea of dissolving Parliament and calling early legislative elections. He made such statements in an interview for Radio Free Europe, IPN reports.

Igor Dodon said the mixed-member system suits the parties, while the mounted protests and the messages disseminated now are rather an attempt to strengthen the political positions. This is mainly true about parties that lost the population’s confidence, such as the PAS, PPPDA, PPPN, and PCRM. Even in such conditions, these parties could promote their MPs in constituencies. “That’s why these party leaders should say it clearly that the protests have nothing to do with the people’s interests and that they try to gain political advantages. Yes, they are trying to find a place on the political arena,” said President Dodon

Speaking about the Government’s reform, the Head of State said in the ideal variant, there should be a new Government named by a new Parliament elected as a result of early elections. The dissolution of the Parliament and the early elections remain an objective because the current legislature is not representative for the elections of 2014, when the PDM gained only 17% of the poll and now control Parliament and this is not correct. The number of ministries should be reduced and the ministers should be named according to stricter criteria.

As to Speaker Andrian Candu’s statements that if the President deviates from the constitutional norms, either in the case of Cabinet reshuffles or in the promulgation of laws, he could be one day dismissed, Igor Dodon said not only Candu counts the committed violations and he should not forget that a referendum should be held within 30 days to give a vote of confidence or no confidence to the Head of State.

As regards the possible halt in the EU’s financing, the President said that if such a move causes problems to the Government and will lead to early parliamentary elections, he welcomes it. It is the reforms that should be supported, not the Government and the parliamentary alliance.

Igor Dodon noted that next year, when the government is changed as a result or ordinary or early legislative elections, another alliance will be formed. He already launched negotiations in this regard and at least US$ 500 million or US$ 1 billion will come annually. He avoided saying where this money will come, but said that not mandatorily from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.


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  1. Twenty-five years on, the social and political project called the Republic of Moldova is experiencing a grave crisis. The Moldovan statehood remains fragile and seemingly impermanent. The country’s successive governments have not been able to build effective state institutions or create adequate conditions for economic development. After years of structural and economic weakness, today’s Moldova as led by Vlad Plahotniuc, the country’s most powerful politician and businessman, is a typical post-Soviet oligarchy ruled by a narrow clique interested mainly in protecting its own political and business interests.

  2. Moreover, an European Commission official says all the three tranches of payments planned will be linked to proving results, underlining that the EU usually gives the first part without conditions.

  3. Attitudes within Moldovan society were split with 29% supporting Russia’s annexation of Crimea with 44% against. Moreover, the pro-Russian Communist Party of Moldova continued to support Russia and helped to serve as a conduit for the Kremlin’s narrative of events within the country. Notably, in April 2014, the breakaway region Transnistria held a referendum to join the Russian Federation, leading many to worry

  4. Since his victory, Dodon has expressed that most Moldovans would support joining the Russia-led Eurasian Union, adding that Moldova has not benefited from European integration, and warned about closer ties with NATO (only 21% of Moldovans expressed support for joining NATO).

  5. Additionally, Moldova and Ukraine have enduring inter-governmental institutions like the Ukraine-Moldova Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation, which serves as a forum for the two countries to work together to promote their economic and security interests. Therefore

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