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Moldovan send a letter to Mr. Steinmeier

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The message of a Moldovan diplomat to the German Foreign Minister: If you meet Plahotniuc, tell him: The Moldovans want their country back!

Mr. Steinmeier, welcome to Moldova, the state of Il Coordinatore!

Dear Mr. Steinmeier, welcome to Moldova! It is great news that you are coming to visit our country, “the promising land of the Eastern Partnership”.
Your visit is full of symbolism and is very important to us. In one month we shall celebrate 25th birthday of Moldova’s independence.

We are very grateful that you and Germany stand by us on this important occasion, especially during current difficult times.

Unfortunately, we, Moldovans, have few reasons to be proud of our achievements.

After 25th years of independence and transition to democracy and rule of law, Moldova is the poorest and one of the most corrupted countries in Europe.

Our state and rule of law have been hijacked by an unscrupulous oligarchic gang. The truth is that under the cover of “European Integration” Moldovans have been deprived/disenfranchised of their state and their future by corrupted politicians.

During the visit you will meet the men in charge with our captured country – Chief of State, Chief of Parliament, Chief of Government, Chiefs of “pro-European” political parties – who lost our trust and mandate.

All of them will assure you that Moldova is again on the right path towards closer relationship with EU that it is making significant reform progresses on all fronts and that European Integration is their national priority…. What a funny joke! I am sure you will enjoy it tremendously.

Yet, if you want to see the genuine face of “Moldova’s Success Story”, you should not miss the opportunity to meet Il Coordinatore, the real master and owner of Moldovan state.

I assume Ms. Victoria Nuland might have told you that Il Coordinatore is the “Capo di tutti capi” of Moldova, boss of all Chiefs you are going to meet in Chisinau. But this is a rudimentary profile.

Il Coordinatore is not Al Capone, he is greater than Al Capone. He is above everyone and everything in Moldova, above the law and the state. He is the law, he is the state. An untouchable who promised to Americans to be the protector/guarantor of Moldova’s European bright future… What irony…!

After bringing Moldova to his knees, he now pledges to dedicate all his efforts to strengthen the rule of law, to make our country more prosperous than it is, more democratic than it is, more secure than it is, more stable than it is… What a blasphemy! What a curse!

The truth is that Moldovans want back their country, their state! They do not want to be the slaves of Il Coordinatore, they hate to live in an offshore state with offshore economy, offshore banking system, offshore judiciary, offshore freedom of press, offshore rule of law, with pocket presidents, speakers, ministers and party chiefs… We are fed up with them!

Moldovans want to be the sovereign masters of their present and future! They want to build an inclusive democracy, not a coordinated/plutocratic democracy! They want to build a prosperous country for everyone and not a rent state for powerful oligarchs! They want to build a rule of law and not a rule by law at the mercy of corrupted politicians.

Your Excellency, I hope you will meet Il Coordinatore, the real Moldovan Success Story, and if you meet him please tell him just one message: “MOLDOVANS WANT THEIR COUNTRY BACK!

Moldovans do not need the “sacrifices” of Il Coordinatore and his gang! We want them out!

Needless to say, we count very much that you and Germany will continue to help us to build a truly independent, modern and democratic state free of oligarchs that would deserve fully a place in the EU.

With kind regards,
Victor Chirila
Citizen of a Lost State

Republic of Moldova



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  1. The award for taking the risk of shrinking presidential competencies is a perspective of a relatively stable, three years in power – without the menace of snap parliamentary election. In the last six years, politicians in Chișinău could only dream of it

  2. Corruption is a development issue. Corruption makes the poor poorer and I have calculated that Moldova’s annual economic growth would have been 2 percent per year higher if it had controlled corruption like Estonia or Slovenia; in other words every Moldovan is working 6 weeks a year to pay for the cumulated impact of the failure since 2009 to control corruption

  3. Needless to say, we count very much that you and Germany will continue to help us to build a truly independent, modern and democratic state free of oligarchs that would deserve fully a place in the EU.

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