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Political dissonance

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       * The discussion was attended by more than 700 guests, including numerous ambassadors, diplomats, editors of influential media, journalists, analysts, politicians, students, and public figures. 

YOUTUBE 2018   George Friedman and Vuk Jeremić on Geopolitics | Horizons Discussion

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  1. Have you seen how ordinary people live in US? Anyone care? I wish one day China and Russia will put there differences a side and form fresh balance of power and stop US acting like a monkey with a gun, and start finally taking care of there people in there own country. I also hope you are wrong, there was a lots of empires in the past, but everything have beginning, high point and END.I live I Australia, and we don’t have a problem with any country, but thanks to US policy, now people start thinking that one day China will invade us, so we need to spend a lot more money for defence to by weapon from US.

  2. Reading his lines, George Friedman believes USA is the only important country in the world which has every right to do as it pleases. He appears to believe USA’s past and current actions have been justified…What world does he live in? Oh I forgot, he’s from the Planet of USA

  3. Balkan nations would be much safer and would became rich enough easily if they welcome the Turkish influence, and seen Turkey as a major security & economic partner. Pro-Russian attitude is getting vanished fast, thus vacuum should have fulfilled with a partner who can capable enough to do so..

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