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*It’s forever every empire has collapsed. and nothing can stop it, but a Nuclear war it’s eminent .

Mar 7, 2018 Special Interview Noam Chomsky

* The publication is not an editorial. It reflects solely the point of view and argumentation of the author. The publication is presented in the presentation. Start in the previous issue. The original is available at: Political Commentary

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  1. With the government offering almost zero assistance, many of them rely on their wit and talents, create job opportunities themselves by setting up small businesses all across the country. Some of those refugee-entrepreneurs have made international headlines.

  2. Even before meme theory helped us understand why we do stupid things repeatedly, they knew it is not in the nature of any system to end itself. Instead it will want to grow, to adapt, to mutate.

  3. Anarchists understand the limits of systems, it is their strength and their weakness. Now it is clearly the only game in town. Too bad the town is doomed.

  4. So they all know about it, but they’re not doing anything about it, which is a level of criminality which is almost hard to find words to describe. Here are educated, well-off rich people who that what they’re doing is destroying the prospects for organized human life, and do it anyway because they make more profit tomorrow.

  5. Five words, “… if you think about it…”, Not happening Mr Chomsky. I’m so grateful for your insights and your attempts to wake people up, but it seems that the machine has mollified the collective consciousness so completely, so effectively that heads we lose, tails they win!

  6. fighting the Mafia, then puts them into power to lead not only the country but the world, you couldn’t write it, who said crime doesn’t pay, oh sorry that’s only for those in power.

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