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*Breaking news from Moldova

The Constitutional Court ruled that the President’s refusal constituted the temporary impossibility of exercising the office by establishing the interim. Thus, the High Court declared that the second refusal of President Dodon to appoint Eugen Sturza to the office of minister will lead to the impossibility of him exercising the presidential functions. The interim will thus be provided either by the President of the Parliament, or the Prime Minister.

Reminder: CCM has temporarily suspended Igor Dodon’s presidency after he has repeatedly refused to appoint the candidate, Eugen Sturza, for the ruling coalition, as Defense Minister.

Moldova’s Constitutional Court says that President Igor Dodon can be temporarily suspended after he refused to swear in a new defense minister.

Pro-European Prime Minister Pavel Filip proposed Eugen Sturza as defense minister twice last month, but Dodon, who wants closer relations with Russia, refused to swear him in.

Dodon said he wouldn’t endorse Sturza because he wasn’t a professional military officer.

The Court’s President, Tudor Pantiru, on October 17 ruled that Dodon has the obligation to accept the appointments made by Filip, and he could be “temporarily stripped of his duties for deliberately refusing… to exercise a part of his constitutional powers.”

Dodon last month demanded the dismissal of acting Defense Minister Gheorghe Galbura after the country’s military sent soldiers to a multinational training exercise in Ukraine against the president’s wishes.

Dodon in a Facebook posting on September 8 accused his country’s pro-Western government of trying to “add the Moldovan Army to the NATO side” and involve it in “geopolitical confrontations” after Chisinau sent 57 soldiers to join U.S.-led military drills in Ukraine.

President Igor Dodon thinks that Moldova needs a strong Presidential branch of power in order to get out of chaos and anarchy.

Dodon told this after meetingthe representatives of the Venice Commission. He discussed with the experts on his initiative to extend President’s power at dissolving the Parliament in more situations. According to the former Socialist, only the political forces who monopolized the power and fear losing it oppose it.

Moreover, the President is sure about the popular support for a Presidential system:“If in Moldova one raised the question on switching to a Presidential republic, the majority of citizens would support this initiative”, said Dodon, quoted by Newsmaker.

“Note this, I am not talking about “if”, but “when” we will raise this question. Moldova needs a strong Presidential branch, to not let this current chaos and anarchy to happen, like now”, stressed the President.

He mentioned that, in talks with the Commission, he told about his intention to dissolve the current Parliament and trigger snap Parliamentary elections.

In her turn, the Deputy Secretary of Venice Commission, Simona Granata Menghini, declared that her delegation came to Moldova to review the initiative of the President and not the political situation in Moldova.

“We will conduct a review of the Constitution changes proposed by the President and we will present our conclusions in June”, stated Menghini.

One day before, when meeting the Venice Commission, almost all Parliamentary caucuses- Liberals, Democrats, Communists, Liberal-Democrats, European People’s group,- declared their total opposition to Dodon’s initiative to extend his powers, warning about possible Constitutional imbalances of power. Only the Socialists support the project of their formally-former leader, claiming the need to counterbalance the power in the state, especially when the Parliament is dysfunctional.

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  1. Moldova’s one of those countries that doesn’t get much press, though that has been changing recently with the high-profile arrest of its president for corruption. It’s poor and misunderstood, but is rapidly forming new connections with Western Europe and is sharing its spectacular wine with the world.

  2. On October 25th, the Government of Moldova gave a red light to the draft law of the Socialists on increasing Gagauzia’s quota to 3 single-member districts in the eventual “electoral districts map” of the mixed electoral system.

  3. According to the new system, 51 MPs would be elected from electoral districts and 50 from party lists. The current edition of the electoral law also stipulates that the electoral districts would be formed by a special Government commission, composed of civil society and political parties’ representatives, as well as representatives of ethnic minorities and expert bodies.

  4. Pro-European Prime Minister Pavel Filip proposed Eugen Sturza as defense minister twice in September, but Dodon, who wants closer relations with Russia, refused to appoint him. The president said he wouldn’t endorse Sturza because he wasn’t a professional military officer.

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