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* Better than the alternative, this step does not address any of the fundamental economic relationship between US and China.

The goal of G20 summit is “Building consensus for fair and sustainable development.” The leaders of the G20 met in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, with a great deal of attention going to talks between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump. The consequences of these talks are important and far-reaching for relations between the world’s two largest economies. In addition, wider issues of trade, climate change, immigration, and multilateralism were all on the table for the world’s leaders. Experts analyze the difficulties of reaching its goal.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner met with President Barack Obama on Wednesday, and afterward they told reporters that the upcoming G20 conference in London was an opportunity for the group to jointly address the financial crisis.

“We want to bring together a new consensus,” Geithner said of the April 2 meeting.

That will take some effort, since many European leaders are tiring of U.S. calls for them to increase public spending to stimulate their economies.

After a meeting of 16 euro-zone finance ministers in Brussels, Belgium, on Monday, European Union Chairman and Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters:

  • “The 16 euro-area ministers agreed that the recent American appeals insisting that Europeans make additional budgetary effort to combat the effect of the crisis was not to our liking.”
  • “We are not prepared to go further in the recovery packages that we put together,” Juncker said. “We mustn’t pile deficit upon deficit.”

Despite the taste of European recalcitrance, Obama put on a happy face Wednesday, saying he was “optimistic” about signs that there was “a lot of coordination at various levels” between countries affected by the financial crisis.

“Everybody understands we’re in this together,” he said.

He and Geithner did not take any questions.

— Carol E. Lee and Alexander Burns

Fried to Serve as Gitmo Envoy

The White House is widely reported to be on the verge of naming veteran diplomat Daniel Fried as a special envoy to supervise the process of shutting down the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Fried, who currently is the assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs, has also served on the National Security Council and spent much of his career at State specializing in Poland and other Eastern European countries.

His mandate as Gitmo envoy reportedly will include working to close the facility and negotiating with foreign governments to accept some of its detainees.

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  1. Fair and sustainable trade would require China to buy an equal amount of goods that america buys from China. But everyone knows this will never happen.

  2. USA is a revisionist power trying to change the rules of the game in trade which she herself created simply because she found herself to be on the losing end.

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