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a manifestation against the leadership

Moldova. Plahotniuc`s kingdom

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Vladimir Plahotniuc is the person who did not hold any function in the Republic of Moldova – a small country, in which is worked a little bit in the area of transports, because people are used so. A little bit, but certainly. Each hour the minibuses, with icons on windscreens and with folk music, from suburbs come to the capital. Year after year. In winter and in summer. But, on the third Sunday of April, no mean of public transport, from periphery, without any warning, did not circulate. No minibus went to Chişinău. There, where took place a manifestation against the leadership.

The story with the public transportation talks about the way how things unfold in the Republic of Moldova and how they are solved. Unofficially, like magic. Or from the banking system disappears a billion of dollars, or the means of public transport does not circulate anymore.

The Moldovans do not believe is supernatural powers. For them, the invisible hand has a name: Vladimir Plahotniuc, one of the richest businessmen from country and the Democratic Party First Vice President. “He controls everything”, says the journalist Vitalie Călugăreanu. Plahotniuc had no public function.

The Republic of Moldova, with a territory equal with that of Lower and Upper Austria, taken together, has with difficulty passed to market economy. Who is able to – leaves the country, who stays – searches for an identity in Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria or Gagauzia. The Transnistrians live in the revolt and power of Moscow. In 2009 the perspectives improve, after the youth protests that brought down from government the Party of Communists and brought a change of the political direction.

  • Then, to power comes the Alliance for European Integration, that claims that will lead the Republic of Moldova to Brussels and to the way of reforms.
  • Thus, rather convincingly, bringing the country in front of the Eastern Partnership, an agreement which permits to the countries from the ex-Soviet space to come closer to the European Union.
  • While the Republic of Moldova was asking for trust, Plahotniuc put the bases of his ascension.

The parties from the pro-European coalition, the Democratic Party, the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, do not have reciprocal trust and, as a consequence, the spheres of influence are shared like a pie.

  • A party obtains ministerial positions, the other the function of prosecutor, and the third one obtains the local administration. Nobody thinks about reforms as long as there is what to take. Moreover, the hungry ones have access to the new member of the Democrats, Plahotniuc.
  •  “He used his position for ensuring his influence and for reaching the resources”, mentioned Igor Munteanu, the Executive Director of the IDIS “Viitorul”. “He used them to build an empire”, writes the source.

But who is this short man? Vladimir Plahotniuc, born in 1966, in Pituşca village, builds considerable wealth on banking and oil sector, in 1991. The privatization was favorable for those who had influential kith.

Plahotniuc officially imposes his influence since 2010, when he enters the politics, to be able to control also a trust media, but through some offshore constructions. Further, he shares his influence with the former premier Vladimir Filat. Filat appears in front of the public, as politician, and Plahotniuc stays more on the backstage.

In autumn 2015, Filat is on the field. Earlier, the Moldovans found out that approximately one billion dollars disappeared from the banking system – the theft of the century produced right under the gaze of the National Bank.

This is the moment when thousands of people go against corruption. The authorities from Chişinău become nervous. Also, then, the International Monetary Fund refuses to offer financial support, the reason being that the Government refuses to liquidate the banks involved in the banking fraud.

The Republic of Moldova, that signed the Agreement of Association with the EU, the first step to adherence, got to be in front of a vice versa. Ironically, Filat was arrested in October, being considered the brain of the theft of the century. It is possible Plahotniuc, who was controlling the former prosecutor general, to orchestrate this legal drama.

Moral reserves

Plahotniuc is, at least, the one who benefited mostly of the abrupt decline of the politician. Now, that his most powerful rival is set aside, he keeps in his hand all the pieces of pie. This thing becomes obvious later, when, in his mind, overnight, is formed a parliamentary majority that is going to bring him in front of the Government.

“We bring peace, stability and prosperity”, he was promising. But the President of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, refused to accept Plahotniuc’s candidature, making reference to his integrity. Later, the leader of the Government becomes Filip Pavel. Then, after the presidential elections from autumn, the things will change.

Meanwhile, the minibuses that come to capital circulate after the established schedule. “I did not order to stop the transportation of passengers”, writes the Minister of Transports, Iurie Chirinciuc, on the Facebook. But, it is not him who orders in this country.



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