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De Facto Union

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GEOMETR.IT  Geopolitical Futures  26.04.2018


*Now that Germany has finally formed a new government, the de facto leader of the EU can get back to being the de facto leader of the EU.

But Italy has just elected into power parties that are less-than-friendly to Germany’s agenda. Jacob Shapiro and Cole Altom discuss how this peculiar era of nationalism is just one chapter in a much longer story about Europe. Sign up for free updates on topics like this!

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Does Moldova belong to its people?

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GEOMETR.IT   http://jurnal.md

The Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, shows his disappointment with the state of things from the Republic of Moldova.

In an interview for the radio post Europa Liberă, the official declared that the situation was much more promising when our country signed the Association Agreement with the European Union. Hahn emphasized that the big problem of Moldova does not represent the adoption of reforms, but their implementation.

“Like many others, sincerely, I am disappointed by the evolution of Moldova from last year, after in 2014 the situation was much more promising once with the signing of the Association Agreement”, declared Johannes Hahn.

Besides these, the European official considers that all the political crises that followed after the Association Agreement signing were absolutely artificial, emphasizing that the European Union hopes that the negotiations of the Republic of Moldova and the IMF will unblock the foreign financial support.

Johannes Hahn also mentioned that must be rethought the strategy of financing, because the funds allocated by the European community should be addressed directly to the people, because the European countries support a certain course of country development, and not a certain government.

The European Commissioner confessed that in next several years will not be received new countries in the EU, specifying that the states-candidates are not ripe enough.

For the Republic of Moldova development, the authorities from Chişinău have to recover the society’s trust, but it is also needed a good and open government.

  • From now on, the European Union will analyze just the Republic of Moldova deeds. The declarations were made by the European Union-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, after the meeting with the Premier Pavel Filip.
  • Moreover, Petras Austrevicius, the EP Rapporteur on Moldova mentioned that those who committed financial crimes have to be punished, and the society has to know their names
    “We expect for concrete deeds. Those who committed financial crimes have to be investigated and punished. It is an inevitable thing. The society has to know the name of the responsible ones and some conclusions have to be drawn. This kind of behavior cannot be promoted because the law supremacy requires real punishment”, declared Austrevicius.“There are two important things for development – recovery of trust, reconstruction of society’s trust. It is important the National Participation Council concept. The second important thing for the success of reforms is the administration, that should become the engine of reforms. The Suggestions of the European Union and of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are important. It is needed a good and open government and transparency in the decision-making process”, mentioned the Polish MEP Michal Boni, member of the European Union-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee.

“Moldova has a chance to have a better economy, less restrictions, a larger market economy, more competition and transparency, but also a stronger civic society, that will participate at the state leading, because Moldova belongs to its people”, also added Petras Austrevicius.

In context, the Rapporteur of the European Parliament for the Republic of Moldova said that now the situation from the Republic of Moldova will be appreciated for merits, but not for words. “We have many promises from former governments of the Republic of Moldova and from politicians. This time I tell you openly, we will judge by deeds, not by words.

The more deeds, the more trust will be”, emphasized the official.
We remind that in Chişinău took place the meeting of the European Union-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee, where participated four European officials, among whom Michal Boni, Petras Austrevicius, Andi Cristea and Norica Nicolai.



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