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W. Hill. Moldovan’s sinister deceitfulness

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*The power of Moldova poses a great threat to its own people. The US expert dethroned the myth of “Russian tanks”.

The Moldovan authorities represent an incomparably greater threat to the security of the country than the notorious “Russian tanks” by which the Moldovan authorities intimidate the country’s foreign partners. – This opinion was expressed by American experts during the conference “Russian influence in Moldova”, organized by the analytical center Atlantic Council.

According to William Hill, a professor at the US National Defense University, the main risks come not from questions of security or defense, but from the failure of the ruling coalition:
– After all, there are no Russians in the Moldovan parliament. They were never there, they never voted there, they are physically separated from Moldova.

Hill recalled that the withdrawal of a billion dollars remains a merit of “pro-European parties” and the actions of the Moldovan authorities remain a far greater threat than “Russian tanks”.
“The pro-European parties failed. This fact requires special attention not so much from the West as from Moldovan citizens, “Hill said.

For his part, the employee of the National Endowment for Democracy Agnieszka Gumis-Viktor, in the context of the “struggle” between the Moldovan authorities and Russian propaganda, drew attention to the “hypocrisy of the authorities. We all need to remember that the head of the Democratic Party owns four television channels, one of which retransmits Channel One. ”

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