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Moldova. The biggest fear of Plahotniuc

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Plahotniuc becomes more and more active. After more than three months of nonexistence after the extremely painful fail from January, when he could not become premier, he appears again, even more bodacious, in front of the public opinion.

His visit to the USA, the glamorous forum from yesterday, prove that the one who meanwhile has become “coordinator” of alliances has not renounced to his big dream, to become officially someone in the Republic of Moldova.

And the fact that the protesting movement gave a sign of tiredness, the opposition divided almost irremediably, starting already to sharpen the knives for the presidential electoral campaign, revived the “coordinator”.

  • Besides, this trap thrown via Tănase, with presidential elections without parliamentary elections, perfectly functioned these months, dividing an opposition that hardly passed over all the Moldovan geopolitical frustrations, proving at a certain moment a drop of consolidation.
  • “Divide et impera”, more topical than ever in Moldova 
  • “Divide and conquer”, this expression which became known 4 centuries ago before Christ ideally functions today in the Republic of Moldova.

While no cent from the stolen billion has not been returned to the budget, this transforming already officially in public debt, in a state that also borrows daily 10 million lei from the commercial banks at huge interests to survive, Plahotniuc further organizes plays. He pays millions for trips to the USA and Barroso’s daytimes in Chişinău, just to have with what to fill the screens of those 7 TV posts which he owns, out of the program in which he dirties his opponents.

And, no matter how strange it would seem, these actions do not raise so many adverse reactions as it was once. This is because the opposition has another concerns. Some of them intend they are already presidents, others build parties, and others complain that Plahotniuc did not permit them to candidate.

The biggest fear of Plahotniuc

A very eloquent image filled yesterday the social networks. At the so-called forum of businessmen of Plahotniuc, right in the first rows of a half-empty room were sitting guards.


I saw many images of this kind in the last period. From the exit of Plahotniuc with bullet-proof umbrellas in front of the ones who should be his fans, till Candu’s participation at various public events surrounded by tens of bodyguards, in all cases we could see a big fear.

Fear for their own citizens. The ones whom they daily rob and due to whom they permit themselves luxury of nabab in which they wallow.

The fear to lose everything and to get in jail, where they should be. Fear expressed very obviously in a so-called interview with Plahotniuc from several days ago. Then the oligarch was trying to prove how “ridiculous” and absent of logic is the opposition to have a single candidate for presidential elections. He was pretending he is an analyst, expressing even his “concern” for the opposition parties that would not be able to put forward their own candidates.

And this fear of a common candidate for presidential elections does not necessary come from the guaranteed success which he would have at the elections. But comes from the consolidation of the society, long time before the date of elections, around a common purpose, that to destroy this mafia system, before he destroys everything which has still remained from this state.

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