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Mołdawia. NATO to zagrożenie dla bezpieczeństwa

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Prezydent Mołdawii Igor Dodon uważa, że otwarcie biura NATO w Kiszyniowie stanowi zagrożenie dla bezpieczeństwa kraju. Napisał o tym na swoim Twitterze.

„Wyrażam szczególne zaniepokojenie z powodu faktu otwarcia Biura Komunikacji NATO w Kiszyniowie. Pośpiech, w jakim rząd pracował  nad tym, stwarza poważne zagrożenie dla bezpieczeństwa narodowego Mołdawii” – napisał Dodon.

Biuro Komunikacji NATO w Mołdawii otwarto 8 grudnia.

W listopadzie, sekretarz generalny NATO Jens Stoltenberg zapowiadał otworzenie nowego biura NATO w Kiszyniowie w grudniu.

Prezydent Mołdawii Igor Dodon powiedział wówczas, że jeśli Biuro Komunikacji NATO w Kiszyniowie zostanie otwarte w tym roku, to w przyszłym czyli  po wyborach parlamentarnych, zostanie ono zamknięte.

Umowa w sprawie otwarcia Biura Komunikacji NATO w Kiszyniowie została podpisana przez sekretarza generalnego NATO Jensa Stoltenberga i premiera Mołdawii Pavela Filipa w listopadzie 2016 r.

Otwarcie biura było kilkakrotnie przekładane.


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«Ich träume und die Welt erzittert»

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«Ich träume und die Welt erzittert»






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Moldova – NATO’s next aim

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GEOMETR.IT  jurnal.md/  10.03.2016

*Support offered to RM and military cooperation with Moldova.

On agenda of discussions between Romanian Premier, CoE President and Secretary General of NATO

The support offered to Moldova and the military cooperation with our country were one of the subjects discussed by the Romanian Premier, Dacian Cioloş, during the meetings which he had these days at Brussels, with the President of the Council of Europe, Donald Tusk, and with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

“But, our discussion was consistent regarding the challenges of the moment at European level, regarding our goals in Romania, as well as regarding the support of Moldova. The President Tusk does not only understand our approach, but also will offer the whole support”, declared the Romanian President, after the meeting with the President of the Council of Europe.

Dacian Cioloş’s program continued with a meeting with the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg. With this occasion were debated aspects on regional security, the NATO presence in the Eastern Europe, including the cooperation with our country.

  • Regarding the cooperation with Moldova, Romania already does it in the military area as well. As NATO State Member, I received the guarantee of Mister Secretary General that the NATO wants this cooperation with the countries from the Eastern zone that want the same thing, and Moldova is part of this case.

It is about this cooperation and I want to highlight, not against someone, not against Russia, Romania, as State Member of the EU and as old partner of Russia, ants a cooperation, a collaboration with Russia, but, at the same time, it is important to secure ourselves in this area, that, as we see in last years, is so tested. So, from this point of view, the engagements which Romania has within the NATO go in this direction, of defense and not offense against someone.

 And, in the same spirit, we want to develop also the cooperation with our neighbors, including with Moldova”, declared the Premier of Romania.

Dacian Cioloş added that Romania is ready to engage itself “very concretely, with resources”, for the consolidation of NATO presence on the Eastern flank, specifying that in the near future will come with proposals which will be discussed at the NATO Summit from Warsaw.

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, recommended Romania to increase its expenses for defense next years, affirming that this thing is very important for the Member States of the Alliance.

“I recommend Romania to increase its budget expenses for defense and to continue this majoring from last year for the years that follow. This measure is very important for our countries, taking into account that they have to respond to some security challenges in a changing world, in which we have increasing demand for security and defense”, said Stoltenberg.




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