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the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Transnistria. Is everything under control? -2

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On Internet forums the inhabitants of the Republic wrote that the firm that funded your opponents that won at the last parliamentary elections, handing out food rations to pensioners, arguing that soon there will come a famine.

This is also the beginning of the campaign?

Hand out. The technology of manipulation has long been known. To sow fear, panic, spread lies, and then to be a kind of Messiah people. First, through a controlled channel said that food stocks in the country over, now handing out packages of food to waste. This is intimidation by the lack of products with the simultaneous distribution of the products, I appreciate both the apparent pre-election move. With all this, I will emphasize that I am grateful to all who selflessly and without any political ambitions, is ready to help the needy and pensioners.

So in fact the products in your country do not end?

At the moment food enough. I have read the analysis of the customs Committee. Products in the country are imported approximately in the same volume, and in some positions even more. The worsening economic situation is different. Some products have become less chassis, something began to buy in store. In General, the market regulates these processes. And in Russia, and Ukraine, and in Moldova it is noted the fall in imports and retail sales. Regional and global trends are very significant and affect us including.

Many Internet users are absolutely sure that soon the Republic would be a coup…

I think it is no secret that paid journalists, politicians and political forces are everywhere. The one who pays, confronts them with the corresponding goal. To destabilize the Republic from within — a longtime dream of our opponents. But to carry out a coup in our country, I assure you, will not succeed.
The people at us wise, is able to unite and not to succumb to various provocations. Again, the lesson we learned. So those, who bares his teeth at our unity, they can break off. Revolution we will not allow. There are democratic forms of political struggle and legal field, and have sufficient forces to suppress any anti-constitutional action.

But still about the charges against you have been very sporadically and briefly comment on them. Isn’t it time to give a detailed answer?

Of course, the answer will be. All these charges against him, no matter how absurd they may be, should be carried-out inspection. They are already underway. And the KGB and the investigative Committee of the Republic, and the audit chamber and the Prosecutor’s office busy with inspections, which were initiated on the same day, when he heard the loud statements. The results will be, then get legal answers. Now let the bodies in everything.
I repeat that today no bases for excitation of criminal cases not found. There is an impression that some political forces is the desire to be deputies, investigators, prosecutors and judges in one person. This is extremely dangerous. Political “justice” is unacceptable under the Constitution. I have already said in the broadcast of our television that is willing to give “assigned” to me 100 million dollars to anyone who will find them.


Tiraspol, the market for “Orchid” in the heart of the city. The height of hostilities in the Donbass. These “public” statements in Transnistria can be found still.

Photo: foto-pmr.ru

About relations with neighbours

And as your neighbors in Moldova respond to internal political battles in Transnistria?

They have their battles enough. This for us is not good. Instability is always bad! We are interested in stability, both domestically and from its neighbors, which continue to develop good-neighbourly and mutually beneficial relations, and the efforts made for the return of the substantive work in the framework of the negotiation process.

Speaking of roommates: what about the relations with Ukraine? The blockade, as I understand it, continues unabated?

Unfortunately, relations in recent years greatly complicated. In the past year to our border moved up theUkrainian armed forces along the border and digging a moat. Still not solved the issue with the freedom of movement of our citizens. Men with Russian passports to cross the Ukrainian border can’t. And in Transnistria is home to two hundred thousand citizens of the Russian Federation.

Banned in the Ukraine were all Pridnestrovian diplomats. Many problems created in relation to our goods, there are problems with supplies for the Russian peacekeepers. Now, together with Moldova, Ukraine has taken new measures to tighten the blockade. Organized joint posts at the border with us, and will probably be followed by changing the mode of crossing of goods and people.

This again will hit your economy?

According to the organizers, as it should be. Moldovan officials do not hesitate to speak about it in public interviews, expressing the hope that economic pressure will somehow contribute to the subordination of Transnistria the legal field of Moldova.

But it seems that Moldova is ready to change their radical approaches. Because recently there have been statements about the readiness to return to the negotiating table and was even called as a possible meeting date in the format “five plus two” (Transnistria, Moldova, the OSCE, Russia and Ukraine, the US and the EU. — V. J.). If I’m not mistaken, June…

We constantly encourage our Moldovan partners to abandon the practice of pressure and blackmail, as it in no way contributes to the normalization of our relations. For a normal dialogue a little to make positive statements, they must be supported by concrete positive actions. We believe that any issues of contradictions should be discussed at the negotiating table. There are a number of developed over years of resolution formats.

This expert group and meetings of political representatives of the parties, and regular meetings with the mediators, and, finally, the format of permanent conference “five plus two”. All tried and tested experts and diplomats in various formats, shall be made in the end to the discussion in the “five plus two”. We are ready to participate in the work of this format at any time when there ready to discuss findings and solutions.

Now on the negotiating table there are a number of initiatives, including the Transnistrian side, which can be the basis for substantive work. But to get the result one desires from Transnistria is not enough. Clarity in the position of the Moldovan side on the existing draft documents are still there.

— Lately in the region greatly intensified Romania. I mean military cooperation with Moldova. Does this bother you?

We are seriously concerned about the recent outrageous actions on the part of Romania – a violation of our airspace Romanian aircraft already committed several unauthorized raids to carry out reconnaissance photography in the security Zone. This violates the relevant stapled documents, the order of actions in the security Zone and carries serious risks of destabilization of the situation. Our foreign Minister has several times referred to the official Bucharest with calls to stop such disruptive action, but our calls were ignored. Did not respond to the treatment of our delegation in the joint control Commission (JCC) on the inadmissibility of the flight data of the aircraft over the territory of Transnistria and the Moldovan side. Now in full alert our air defense units. They are at firing positions, organized combat duty and radar reconnaissance of the air space. Our delegation to the JCC has already sent a request to Russia to recover the flight operation of a helicopter squadron in the ongoing peacekeeping operation.

And it would violate the order of actions in the security zone?

This request is not contrary to the order of interaction in the security zone, as Russia, according to the earlier signed in a multilateral format, that is, with the participation of Moldova, the documents is quite right to restore the strength of Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria, as I recall, up to 3,200 people and place in Tiraspol helicopter squadron. It is stipulated in the documents.


Yevgeny Vasilyevich Shevchuk was born 19 June 1968 in Rybnitsa, the Moldovan SSR. From 2005 to 2009 he held the post of Chairman of the Supreme Council of Transnistria. In December 2011, following two rounds of elections elected President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Married. Daughter Sophia is 4 months old.



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Transnistria. Is everything under control?

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GEOMETR.IT  the-newspapers.com

In September 1990, was proclaimed Transnistrian Moldovan Soviet socialist Republic. Then, the young Republic has experienced conflict with Moldova in 1992 that killed about 1,000 people. He was called “Transnistrian”. The deployment of Russian troops and the mediation of the then President of RussiaBoris Yeltsin has allowed to stop the bloodshed.

The Russian peacekeeping contingent located in Transnistria to this day, and she is not accepted by the States members of the United Nations the Republic is now under blockade. On one side it is bordered by Moldova, on the other — with postmaydannoy Ukraine. 

How to live in such conditions, the Republic, by referendum in 2006 voted nearly unanimously for joining Russia? Reflected on whether her economic crisis suffered by Russia and Ukraine? How it sees its future, its present head, who recently was subjected to vigorous criticism from the local opposition and was even accused of treason? We discussed with the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Yevgeny Shevchuk. The conversation took place on Skype.


Photo: press service of the President of Transnistria

Evgeny Vasilievich, as Transnistria is experiencing the current economic crisis? The way you fight with him?

First of all, we managed four years to keep the exchange rate of the national currency. Had offers from large companies to devalue the rouble at a time when the free-swimming left the Russian ruble. But we made the decision not to devalue, as this would harm the citizens, especially for vulnerable categories. However, we had to go on a number of unpopular measures…

You criticized the fact that you cut pensions and wages…

Yes, to minimize the impact of the crisis has been including through the retention of 30 percent of the payment of pensions and salaries to state employees. As soon as the opportunity arose, the debt to pensioners was returned.

Now the government is seeking options for obtaining loan from business entities for repayment of debts on wages. But the external environment is changing. Dropped the price of the electricity which we supply to Moldova. It is for us a kind of oil. Decreased, thus, our income and inflow of foreign currency.

New challenges arise from the flagship of our economy, the Moldovan metallurgical plant in Ukraine, because Ukraine three times increased the duty on import of metal scrap — raw material, without which effective work of the enterprise is impossible. There are a number of other circumstances, which do not allow for optimism regarding the development of the socio-economic situation.

The government continues to operate in crisis mode. Recently adopted solutions to support the villagers. Reduced energy tariffs. Also provided additional support measures for poor urban residents. There are a number of initiatives that we discussed with parliamentarians. Without the legislative tools to seriously influence the situation we can’t. So whenever call on the Deputy corps into a joint search for solutions and the rejection of the populist, neprocitana sentences.

This year in Transnistria presidential elections are held. You go to them?

I do not exclude such a possibility, but still while talking about it early. A lot of work. Socio-economic situation remains complicated due to including external circumstances affect who we can’t. Together with the government are looking for solutions, I travel across the Republic, listen to the people.

Recently, Parliament Vice-speaker Galina antyufeeva accused you of a number of crimes, including treason and complicity in embezzlement of public funds. After such accusations is not easy, perhaps, to travel around the country and consult with people?

Hard for those who lie. Then really difficult people in the eye to watch. I’ll tell you what, when a few months ago the newly elected deputies began to use the parliamentary tribune to discredit the Presidentand to pour on government colleagues and I on the dirt, it became clear that we were going the right way and do it right.

Just became obvious that some economic elites that Fund representatives of the Parliament, elections to the Supreme Council were an intermediate stage. The main task is not reform and specific cases, and most likely full control over political institutions. The Declaration, which was voiced and probably will be sounded, we need to evaluate through the prism of the election campaign.

There is certain hope that through the criticism to please the voters, thus someone to denigrate, and to clear himself. Particularly significant is the accusation of treason in the agreements signed with Moldova in 2012, which some deputies, as it turned out, only read in 2016. Just for this example you already see the customized nature of such explanations. Check on these charges is complete. Grounds for initiation of criminal cases was not found.

Some MPs openly called for your resignation, but also threatened to impeach. If there are such plans, then why go to the polls and wasting time and resources?

I think these appeals is the election campaign. It is easy to attract attention, it is easy to excite people. Ukrainian experience we have nearby. People remember how a year before the election there began to shout for the impeachment of the President. What ended it all. And amid much public concern remains “behind the scenes”.

I guess that’s why you heard such allegations. The calculation of these statements, in my opinion, designed to disorganize the law enforcement system, sow panic and actually to enter the territory of the Republic of parliamentary rule under the guise of some legislative changes. To the podium with making false accusations without proof, a lot of strength is not necessary.

On Internet forums the inhabitants of the Republic wrote that the firm that funded your opponents that won at the last parliamentary elections, handing out food rations to pensioners, arguing that soon there will come a famine. This is also the beginning of the campaign?



  * * *

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