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Valeriu Saharneanu

Moldova. Sadder than Greek Tragedy

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The incident from yesterday with the involvement of the Democratic Party (PD) MP Constantin Ţuţu, who participated at the closing ceremony of the Moldovan-American exercises “Dragoon Pioneer” without knowing where he is, arouse a wave of reactions and discussions in society.

And if the majority was outraged by the fact that Ţuţu was not exactly knowing at what event he had participated, although he is part of the Parliamentary Committee on Security, then the analysts and the journalists reveal also other possible aspects of the case from yesterday. They were discussed last night at the “Cabinetul din Umbră” from the Jurnal TV.

The journalist Valeriu Saharneanu, former deputy, affirms that the situation is tragicomic. “

It talks about the quality of the Parliament – the first institution in state, there, where people must come very prepared, responsible, personalities who know how to promote laws, who could imagine what is national interest and public interest, who know what means deputy’s sovereignty and many other. These are pieces taken like during the regime of Voronin, who, when he won the elections, put even his driver on lists and he even became deputy. The PD repeats Voronin’s way”, mentioned Saharneanu.

In context, the host Val Butnaru asked himself what would happen if a man like Ţuţu had to take a very important decision for the RM. The journalist Ion Terguţă added, in his turn, that it is the more serious that Ţuţu is misinformed being member of the Committee on Security and that, in a normal way, the Committee should analyze in detail the situation before military troops, no matter of the country they come from, arrive to the RM.

“Following the parliamentary logic, the Committee from which is part Mister Ţuţu should, before the American troops or other ones to be able to enter the territory of the country, have a debate at least in the Committee, if not in the Parliament. They should examine in detail all the risks, all the advantages, to analyze all the points of view.

These deputies should know in detail the advantages and disadvantages and, even more, who are the actors of this action – why they came here, what their purposes are, how much came, when they leave, what their tasks are etc. But we see that these deputies that should take care of the state security come to such an action of this kind without knowing who are the people who participate. The problem is serious for us, the citizens.

We all could have different visions: whether it is good that the Americans came, or it is bad that they came. But the deputies are obliged to analyze these situations. And these people take decisions for us!”, declared Ion Terguţă.

“We are talking about things which are not comic at all, which a not hilarious. It is dramatic. We do not even talk about deputies, but about mercenaries, some people involved in murders in the Codrii Orheiului. Know that the RM will be condemned at the ECHR for this, there exist already some feedback from there. The things are very, very serious.

This is, in fact, the vertical structure of the power from the RM. I do not know whether we could talk about autocracy. In our country is a true dictatorship, it is a police state. But Plahotniuc needs such people in the Parliament for voting. That’s all”, thinks the journalist Vasile Năstase, member of the Grand National Assembly Council.

But the host of the talk show, Val Butnaru, noticed another aspect and namely why at an event of such scale did not go more important persons, at least the Head of the Committee on Security and not an ordinary member.

Leaving aside the hilarious part, isn’t it created the impression that Ţuţu’s appearance wanted, in fact, to undermine a very important event? It was the last day when ended some exercises with the participation of the USA troops, practically the NATO troops. Mister Untilă is the Head of the Committee on Security, the Head of the Committee should come to such an important event. The more that the Liberal Party participated at the last elections with the slogan “NATO”. And when such an event occurs, appears a circus man of this kind and compromises a rather important action”, warned Val Butnaru.

“If we exclude this case and remind about how were met the Americans here, in Chişinău, including on the Grand National Assembly Square, then appears a fundamental problem for our right-wing parties, for the so-called national parties – how does in come that we approached his event in such a manner, and everything on the background of what happened on May 9? I have nothing against the commemoration of the victims of the Second World War, but we had the happy occasion to manifest ourselves during this event, “Dragoon Pioneer”. Of course, appears the question to the RM officials: how did they treat this event?”, added also the political analyst Anatol Ţăranu.

The journalist Ion Terguţă mentioned that this exercise allegedly followed even a much more important goal, and namely the testing of the people’s reaction to the arrival of these troops.

“My impression is that we however were supposed to a test now. Yes, there are surveys, that could have a certain degree of error or could be not quite exactly. At the same time, regarding our love or repulsion for the NATO, here came the American troops in the RM and it was possible to test the people to these troops’ arrival: if the people are elated or not, will it be hostile or not. I think that the conclusions have already been drawn. And I think that it was more than just a simple visit of the American soldiers here”, pointed Ion Terguţă.



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