The 27 years of independence of Moldova

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* The Republic of Moldova  celebrated  birthday. It celebrated 27 years since the symbolic and important event of August 27, 1991, when our country declared its independence.

The feast began with the traditional flower depositions, first at the Mourned Mother Monument at the Eternity Memorial Complex in the capital.

Subsequently, the officials went to the monument of Stephen the Great, and there they honored the state anthem.

The holiday program continued with the People’s Port Parade, attended by over 50 folk groups.

In unusual costumes came the members of Firicel Basil ensemble from Popeştii de Jos village, Drochia district.

  • “The dress with the skirt, which is at the edge with this drapela and takes, which is made up of the rivers and just to be crowned on the sleeve and in front of it, “said Silvia Jaman, the headmaster of the threat ensemble of basil.

Many glimpses also attracted the port of artists who came from the city of Comrat.

“It is the Gagauz costume made up of dress, handkerchief and apron,” said Erica Opsapun, folk ensemble Cadânja.

The 27 years of independence of Moldova have been marked, however, in a tense atmosphere. While hundreds of people participated in the popular harbor parade, several demonstrators gathered in the center of the city today by several political parties blasted and insulted them.

This has displeased some people who came to the feast.

  • “It is a national day for all the people, not just for us, and I do not know why this happens,” said Mihai Popovici, the Vatra ensemble. “We have never seen such resistance, so hate. We want to calm down,” said Veronica Curmei, the Vatra ensemble.
  • “I came to worship Stephen the Great, I brought flowers and walked around the Parliament, that’s not beautiful.” There are young children, who are alcoholic or drugged and screaming, and pay them to make a noise. problems are being made by protesters, Năstase and Maia Sandu».
  • “It’s not like this, to make protests, but not today.” They tangled to make it in the Great National Assembly Square, like people, and I came to look, but not too, we surrounded half of town until we arrived.
  • “The feast must be a feast, the civilized protests. Today it must be the popular harbor, the feast, the joy, I understand.”

The program of the celebration continued at Nicolae Sulac National Palace with a concert dedicated to Independence Day. Artists staged from our country, but also from Romania.

Moldova’s leaders gathered in downtown Chisinau for a ceremony marking Independence Day as hundreds of protesters shouted antigovernment slogans nearby.

The August 27 demonstration on Grand National Assembly Square was the latest in a series of antigovernment protests that have been driven in large part by Romanians and Moldovans living outside of the country.

A day after thousands protested on the square against what they say is a corrupt government, fences installed and manned by hundreds of riot police separated the remaining demonstrators from the Moldovan officials and foreign dignitaries who attended a flower-laying ceremony at the monument to Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great).

Protesters carrying Moldovan tricolor flags, angered by the move to prevent them from reaching the monument, shouted “Down with the Mafia!” while waiting for the arrival of the country’s leaders.

A group of protesters spent the night near the statue of the medieval prince who is revered as a national hero both by Romanians and Moldovans.

Riot police forcibly removed them early on August 27, after ordering them to vacate the area to make way for government officials.

President Igor Dodon, parliament speaker Andrian Candu, and Prime Minister Pavel Filip were among the officials who laid flowers at the monument

Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament commented police actions and political rallys on Sunday in Chisinau: These actions were organized by some political parties and their supporters. This way, they try to attract as much attention as possible. They are in desperate need of it on the Eve of the election campaign for the parliamentary elections.

  • “It is a normal thing to organize a rally, we accept it. But it is not right to do it on such an important holiday. The manifestation of the 20-30 people this morning was disrespectful for the people who came to celebrate the Independence Day.
  • I am glad that the ones who tried to destabilize the situation didn’t manage to do it. The authorities evolved the activities they planned.

Actually, these are not protests, but just some manifestations organized by the parties of Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. This is a normal thing to expect, as the election campaign is about to be started. This is just an election exercise.

If somebody doesn’t respect the law and encroaches the rules, then the police has the right to intervene. I saw that the police intervened when it was required.

Till the end, the 20-30 people who tried to “seize” Stefan cel Mare will be punished. Regardless of who you are, you should obey the rules of the country you live in”, said Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.


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