The future of European disintegration

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  * Forecasting global trends and developments can prove challenging even when you have the best information available.

YOUTUBE 2018  A Dual Approach to Forecasting Europe’s Future


Stratfor leverages the study of applied geopolitics, tools of intelligence analysis and public report cards on our work to constantly improve our forecasting process. The team at Good Judgement Inc. seeks to directly quantify their forecasts with numerical probability assessments.

In this episode of the Stratfor Podcast, we’re joined by Good Judgement’s Philip Tetlock and Warren Hatch as well as Stratfor’s Rodger Baker and Mark Fleming-Williams to explore how qualitative insight and quantitative rigor can be applied in unison to improve forecasting of global developments. This is part of a larger collaboration between Stratfor and Good Judgement as we explore the future of European integration.

* The publication is not an editorial. It reflects solely the point of view and argumentation of the author. The publication is presented in the presentation. Start in the previous issue. The original is available at: STRATFORvideo

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  1. Many will be purified, made white, and refined. But wicked people will do wicked things, and none of them will understand. Only wise people will understand.

  2. these migrants ( mainly Christian )are highly educated in various technological fields . Russia could allow them freedom to set their state within Russia with some freedoms such as language and economic setup similar to their country of origin

  3. Given the facts that a huge native population of Europe desires to remain as before ,Russia with it’s vast land and resources could allocate an area for them .

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