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* Having said very little about his policy plans comic and Ukrainian presidential front-runner Volodymyr Zelenskiy has released some details of what he would should he win the second round vote on April 21.

While President Petro Poroshenko has framed his campaign in terms of “me or Putin” playing on his national security agenda and track record of facing down Russian aggression, Zelenskiy has launched a “past and future” campaign that plays on the administration’s failure to delivery on the promises of Maidan and the need to focus improving the quality of life.

Zelenskiy also attempted to counter Poroshenko’s attack on his lack of experience by disclosing a list of his potential key officials and the first ten reform steps he would take, reports the news agency reported on April 9, citing campaign ideologue Ruslan Stefanchuk and Danylo Hetmantsev, the campaign’s expert on economic and financial issues.

1.Invite British and American diplomats to the negotiations to resolve the war in Donbas. Remove Putin confidante and Ukrainian citizen Viktor Medvedchuk from the negotiations.

2.Eliminate the competition between the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

3.Appoint honest judges to the High Anti-Corruption Court.

4.Submit a bill to parliament creating a legal mediation alternative to litigation.

5.Submit bills to parliament introducing a 5% tax amnesty starting 2020, a tax on capital withdrawals, an international exchange of tax information and creating a Financial Investigations Service.

6.Submit to parliament a legislative package creating the legal framework for national and local referenda and petitions, recalling MPs, and impeaching the president.

7.Conduct a state audit over a four-month period.

8.Introduce a “secret plan” for parliament. If Zelenskiy is unable to achieve cooperation with MPs, other options will be available that “will impress many”.

9.Reform the Presidential Administration to eliminate “curators” of public affairs and to focus on its clerical functions, including developing reform ideas.

10.Nominating candidates to lead the Defense Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and Prosecutor General’s Office by April 19, or two days before the runoff vote.

Many of the names of possible candidates are well respected, liberal and experienced politicians that include: Alex Danylyuk for foreign minister, Ihor Smeshko for SBU head, and US prosecutor Martha Boersch (who successfully prosecuted former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko) or Romanian National Anti-Corruption Directorate Chief Prosecutor Laura Kovesi for prosecutor general, liga.netreported.

“This list of promises goes a long way to remove doubts in the minds of voters about Zelenskiy’s commitment to Ukraine’s Western integration. And this list helps to create the impression among voters that Zelenskiy represents, at minimum, the prospect for reforms and improvement. Meanwhile, the campaign of President Petro Poroshenko is creating the impression that Ukraine will endure five more years of warfare, corruption and economic stagnation,” Zenon Zawada of Concorde Capital said in a note.

“Such moves make Zelenskiy’s victory at the April 21 runoff vote all the more likely. The release of the list of key officials, as well as their willingness to serve in a Zelenskiy administration, will provide an even further boost to his prospects for victory.”

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  1. As for the words of Stefanchuk about the fact that the journalist just made these ten steps on his own is a lie, because the representatives of the media clearly stated the format and purpose of the material and have an audio record of the conversation.

  2. The author, in his own words, has audio of all this. As well as a screenshot that is also attached. And finally: Stefanchuk, according to Yurii Smirnov, for some reason does not answer his calls now.

  3. However, there is no clarification on the anti-corruption agenda and agenda of judicial reform in the mentioned steps, although both of these documents were supported by the Ze-team.

  4. Zelensky plan is actually a plan voiced by representatives of the candidate’s headquarters. All speculations about the appointment are so far speculations. However, the willingness of journalists to provide an audio record of conversation and screenshots of correspondence testify that the interlocutors understood the reason for which the conversation was arranged.

  5. A head of Zelensky headquarters Ivan Bakanov said that Zelensky will come to the debate exclusively on April 19 and exclusively to the stadium – however, he’s ready to get in touch with the studio of Suspilne

  6. Yes, it is the programs, policies, ideas, and plans that should be discussed. Without making it personal and offensive, without empty talks and slogans. Only the format of the debate can allow this to be done because political advertising will not make it clear. In general, I believe that we need to ban pre-election political advertising on television, in the media and on advertising spaces. We only need mandatory debate.

  7. But Vitalii Zahainyi, social activist and the head of the electoral campaigns with 20 years of experience, believes that the main issues should be chosen… by the voters themselves.

  8. I believe that the debate should take place between the candidates, not between their teams. It is also important that the candidates are asked the same questions during the debate to avoid accusations of partiality.

  9. To initiate an appeal to Western law enforcement agencies with a request to launch anti-corruption investigations against those Ukrainian corrupt officials who are established by the Ukrainian anti-corruption bodies,” the report says

  10. I want to thank every military serviceman for his support. You are real heroes for me and for every Ukrainian citizen, heroes not from films, not from books, but real heroes who protect the freedom and democracy of Ukraine … I thank everyone – from Shyrokyne to Stanytsia Luhanska, every patriot,” Zelensky said in a video address posted on his Facebook page

  11. He expressed gratitude to all and assured that “we will bring you all back for sure.” “… Our national guardsmen, our pilots, our sailors, our prisoners. We will return them all for sure,” Zelensky assured.

  12. Zelensky did not even mention Crimea in his program, and he has no political track record to enable conclusions to be drawn. He has also made it clear that he sees no end to Russian occupation without a change in regime in Russia.

  13. Although there are such divergent views among Poroshenko supporters, there is much greater homogeneity of views on fundamental issues, such as the two mentioned here.

  14. Zelensky’s team is hoping to gain from people being tired of the current President and remain largely silent about policies before the second round.

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