What about Eastern Europe ?

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* Inequality, Immigration, and the Politics of Populism Conference, Panel 6: Central and Eastern Europe.

YOUTUBE 2018  Politics of Populism: Central and Eastern Europe

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  1. Populism is not on the rise in many regions, including sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and East Asia, and has recently been on the decline in Latin America. Additionally, the virus of populism in Europe does not appear to be spreading as quickly or dangerously he implies.

  2. Democracies need to replace exclusionary nationalism with “inclusive patriotism” that facilitates a greater sense of community among citizens while easing fears about migration. And democracies must renew the faith of their citizens in their own democratic systems.

  3. More than a few recommendations will make the reader mumble “no doubt” but wonder how exactly they might come about, such as his insistence that U.S. legislators should “desist from blatantly anti-democratic practices like gerrymandering and voter suppression” and, while they’re at it, reduce the role of money in politics and restore truthfulness to political life.

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