Who is Moldova’s bad Robin Hood?

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* What country is it? Haiti under the Duvalier government, or Zimbabwe under Mugabe? No. This is the Republic of Moldova

So, let’s imagine a small poor country in which the government is controlled by the oligarch-felon. He is in control of the puppet Parliament and Government, political parties, army, judicial and law enforcement systems, media. The formal power of the President is limited in a representative function. All spheres of society are corrupt. Bribery is flourishing.

  1. Justice is selective. Criminal cases against political competitors are fabricated. The opposition are under severe pressure and forced to emigrate. Competition in business is not allowed. State assets are being plundered. The country has become a base for money laundering and drug trafficking. Unemployment.
  2. Demographic catastrophe. High mortality. The population lives below the poverty line and is forced to leave the country massively for earnings. The rights of national minorities are being violated. Democratic institutions are used only as a screen for dictatorial actions of the unscrupulous ruler of the country.
  3. Ambitious dictator even has bored to be a behind-the-scenes player and now he appoints himself the leader of the ruling Democratic party. Makes foreign visits. He is accepted by the world’s strongest-leaders of States and leaders of international organizations. After all, he is the main “Democrat” of his country. A person who is an outcast in a decent society tries to look white and innocent in the eyes of the international community by all truths and untruths.

This is Europe. XXI century. The Republic of Moldova under the gangster criminal oligarch, an informal host of the country, Vladimir Plahotniuc.

But here everything seems to be in order with the dictator-oligarch, he has got everything but the love and respect of the people, instead he has got hatred of the people for the power and its embodiment – Plahotniuc. And this hatred, in spite of the pressure and repression is increasing day by day.

And scaffold for Plahotniuc is not far off. He feels it by some animal instinct. And takes all possible means to support his regime, realizing that only in his personal Moldova he has a future. But we must be prepared for the wrath of the people and for international persecution as well. Plahotniuc is a man with a poor imagination, he uses the means that were traditionally used by petty dictators of the past and the present.

He hires lobbyist firms to promote his interests in Europe and the United States. He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. Pocket media of the country eulogise him. He has appeared to be a writer -he publishes articles in prestigious journals and online publications of the EU and the US-Politico, EU Observer, the Wall Street Journal, Daily Caller.

And then he also does not spare money to promote his views to the international public opinion. So the article of Plahotniuc in Daily Caller was distributed by the lobby group Podesta to 200 e-mail addresses of advisers and assistants to congressmen of the USA and in the White house.

The main theme of his articles is always that Moldova is the flagship of democracy in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet space, the guardian of European values, located at the first turn in the fight against the Russian bear. “We can’t handle this alone… the West has to help Moldova to resist aggressive Moscow” – declares Plahotniuc, referring to the United States and Europe.

Expensive articles and equally expensive visits are promoted with the help of American lobbyist companies hired by the Democratic party. Though it is not something that can be done in Europe – lobbying in Europe is outside legal field.

Plahotniuc is well aware that in a fair election to the Moldovan Parliament in November 2018, his Democratic party will gain votes within the statistical error.

Therefore, despite opposition protests, recommendations of the Venice Commission, criticism of civil society and foreign partners, the ruling democratic party and the Pro-presidential party of socialists changed the electoral system in Moldova.

With the help of a mixed system, Plahotniuc desires to drag his people in single-mandate districts, or then force independent deputies to enter his faction in the future Parliament of the country by threats, blackmail or bribery.

The publication is not an editorial. It reflects solely the point of view and argumentation of the author. The publication is presented in the presentation. Start in the previous issue. The original is available at:  carsa.rs



  1. Like many powerful figures in the former Soviet Union, Mr. Plahotniuc has drawn a tight veil over the sources of his wealth and power, cultivating an aura of mystery that has only enhanced his image as a shadowy kingmaker who can destroy foes with a flick of his finger.

  2. When protesters took to the streets last year and again early this year, the authorities did not intervene until a group of left-wing activists set up a protest encampment on the sidewalk outside Mr. Plahotniuc’s residence in the center of Chisinau.

  3. complained that Mr. Plahotniuc had used the Washington visit to try to launder his reputation. Yet, he said, Ms. Nuland was right to meet with him.

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