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Members of the US Congress House of Representatives, Randy K. Weber, from Texas, and Trent Franks of Arizona State, submitted a resolution by the Committee on Foreign Relations, Financial Services Committee and the Judiciary Committee House, requesting the start of an investigations related to “Theft of the billion” of the Moldovan banking system. US Congressmen also propose sanctions for Plahotniuc, his godson – Andrian Candu, the Anticorruption prosecutor – Viorel Morari and other former and current officials.

Public opinion in Moldova was confused by this news, and the media trust affiliate to the Democratic Party and property of Vlad Plahotniuc, began a “image cleaning” for Plahotniuc and a denigration of those who proposed the resolution.

Media holding owned by Plahotniuc, contacted a former diplomat, now a media and diplomatic analyst. A few days after the resolution proposal, Speaker Andrian Candu, wedding godson of Plahotniuc, went on a visit to Washington.

The visit does not appear to be an official one and it’s character was not announced. Candu posted pictures from the Atlantic Council – a US think tank, exactly the same, which was visited by the DPM first deputy, Vlad Plahotniuc, in May this year. After Plahotniuc’s visit, Atlantic Council admitted that he paid money to attend a conference of the organization.

After a while, DPM issued a statement announcing that the American company contracted Podesta Group, which specializes in lobbying services and public relations services.

Namely, this company organized the meeting between Vlad Plahotniuc and Victoria Nuland, US Secretary of State adviser for Southeast Europe.

Some diplomats tell us that these meetings and invitations to conferences are the norm for the US. According to them, namely the company Podesta Group, would be very close to the Clinton family and worked in the years 2002-2003, for the former Georgian president and current governor of Odessa region, Mikhail Saakaş


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  1. Moldova’s center-left political party, The Democratic Party of Moldova, has hired Washington, D.C.-based political giant Podesta Group for public affairs services

  2. According to Foreign Agents Registration Act documents filed in July, Podesta has been hired to counsel the PDM on U.S. politics and policies in Congress and the executive branch, and will help develop Moldovan-U.S. relations by establishing meetings with members of Congress and executive branch officials as well as communicating information about the PDM and its issues of concern to interested parties in the public sector.

  3. Pro-EU PDM, which is financially backed by politician Vladimir Plahotniuc, made a failed attempt to form a new majority government coalition with other pro-European Moldovan political parties, and in 2015, another pro-EU majority government was sworn into power. The country faces a presidential election in October.

  4. Sources familiar with the situation at the Podesta Group said on Monday that the firm would relaunch quickly. Four days after Podesta stepped down from the firm he founded, though, that has not happened.

  5. Of course and I will lay this out there for you progressive morons, there is no connection between the scum bag Podesta’s and The Clinton Foundaton going belly up..

  6. Despite high expectations about Moldova’s initial successes on its path towards European integration, embodied by the signing of the association agreements and a visa-free regime with the European Union, powerful actors have begun to hollow out the country’s democracy. Media freedom is being curtailed through a concentration of ownership and, as a result, political pluralism is withering away. The most recent innovation, a dubious call for electoral reform, is just latest sign of a democracy in deep decline.

  7. As expected by most analysts, Plahotniuc dropped his own bill and backed Dodon’s compromise solution, formally ensuring a “consensus” as was suggested by the Venice Commission, which advises on constitutional law for the Council of Europe. At the end of the day, the mixed electoral system compromise was approved on the first reading with 74 votes out of 101 (link in Romanian). But there’s more to this decision than meets the eye.

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